Meet Chompy, my horned Nerite! Is he fully grown?


Picked up this cute guy yesterday. Crayons the betta acted shamefully, flaring at him for an hour, but had the good sense not to try anything.

I thought he was a juvenile, but a little googling showed that these guys only seem to live a year and don't grow very big. He's about half an inch long. Where is he likely to be in his lifetime?

Also, are they escape artists like zebra nerites? Our zebra nerite got stepped on during a trek across our bedroom floor. Wife felt very bad and banned snails. I'm on notice if this guy leaves the tank. Full covers are not possible due to my jury rigged tank hardware. I have a well established tropical heavily planted tank with CO2, with a lot of algae and plenty of calcium, and run nitrates around 20-30ppm.



mine live longer then a year! I a zebra nerate who I have had for about a year and she was full grown when i got her
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My longest living one was 2.5 years and I got him full grown. I think with proper conditions they live longer than people expect
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Thanks both. How big do horned Nerites grow?
do all Nerites have the same lifespan of does it vary across the types?

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