Meet Calypso & Triton!!

Discussion in 'Betta Fish' started by Tigerfishy, Mar 28, 2010.

  1. Tigerfishy

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    They made it on Sat morning (after a panic). They were both fine. The second I took the bubble wrap off the bags, the PK was zooming about in his bag from side to side trying to get out haha! What a drama queen (king??)

    Triton is the PK, named after a moon of Neptune. Calypso is the purple, named after a moon of Saturn.

    I have some pics, they do not do them justice. Since the Help Me Decide thread, the PK has got more red on his bottom fin, and the purple is no longer shy. Oh no, he spends all his time flaring. At the tank background picture. At the plants outside the tank. At the divider. At the PK. He is doing it less today, so when he settles I'm sure he'll be fine. The PK who was supposed to be nosy, hides behind his heater most of the time... Again. as he settles, this will change. The PK's body is not whitish as he looks in the pics, he is a light bluish, and is pearly in the light. His top fin is almost a steel grey in colour.

    The purple is an import between 4 & 6 months and the PK is the son of a male copper PK and a female red halfmoon (he looks a bit marbley, please elaborate if you can as we are confused by him a bit!)

    OK, so here we are...
    Is this my best side?

    Oooh, that's me... Wanna fight??

    Can't catch me...

    Well, hello there

    What are these thingys? (He loved those fish rocks at first)

    The whole tank. L-R=Draconis, Triton & Calypso

    A flare for a flare (when his back is turned)

    Where'd you go?

    Don't look at me that way. I'll get you
  2. Butterfly

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    Gorgeous fish! Congrats!
  3. Chris123

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    Congrats on the new additions

    There Beatiful :;perfect

  4. critter_fritter79

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    very handsome boys! So glad to hear they made it safe and sound!!
  5. bassbonediva

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    They're beautiful!

    A word of caution about having CTs with those DIY dividers (although I'm the only one who has apparently had problems with it). I had Alec and Dragon (my two CTs) on opposite sides of those dividers and they DESTROYED each others fins through the dividers. I actually found pieces of their fins stuck in the dividers. So, just keep an eye out that Calypso doesn't get too close and his rays get wiggled temptingly through the divider holes. I'd hate to see those lovely fins end up like Alec and Dragon's. :)
  6. Furallicah

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    Your bettas look amazing very nice female and I love the coloring on the male!!

    Bisc had the issue of her crowntail jumping the divider and killing the other if anyone remembers. I have Sherlock (vt) and Quincey (DT) in a divided tank they could care less for each other. And I have to say Plato (CT) is my most agressive betta, he hates everything other then Homer. I think CT's are sometimes more agressive then other species of bettas. Or is that just me..
  7. bolivianbaby

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    Congratulations! They are beautiful! I'm so glad they made it safely to you. We knew how worried you were.
  8. OP

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    Thanks for that, I am keeping a very close eye on them! Luckily for now, he spends far too much time trying to fight himself in the glass or taking on the background picture...

    Yes I think they are. Draconis is a CT and he will flare at you if you take too long to put his food in the tank, but he seems to have chilled out and behaves now. He is in this tank too, and does not even bother about his next door neighbour... I'm hoping that Calypso does the same with time and ust calms down once he realises nothing is going to happen to him except regular feedings.

    Thanks everyone, they're all still ok, and settling in slowly, but eating well and obviously feeling like normal bettas!
  9. hooxeii

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    Crowntails aren't really a seperate species, per say. They're still Betta splendens, but they have been bred for reduced webbing between the rays of their caudal fins. It's kind of like how dalmations and pugs are both dogs, but are different breeds.

    As for them being more aggressive, the most aggro betta I've ever owned is my female veil-tail. It's all in the personality. Some boys are just more insane than others ;) I think CTs just *look* more aggro because they're so spikey.

    Glad to see both are doing well so far! If they don't stop flaring at each other within a week or two, I'd get a darker divider or perhaps double it.
  10. OP

    TigerfishyWell Known MemberMember

    Yes I'm going to order some java moss or something in a week or so if they're still flaring a lot, they're getting 2 weeks max to behave or the divider gets it (gets the moss I mean lol :p). The other option is to swap Draconis and Triton, as Draconis ignores all flaring and this should make them lose interest, as well as separating them to opposite sides.

    I hope lol.
  11. marina3

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    Congrats on the safew arrival of your new kiddos!!!!
  12. fishtroy

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    Oh look at them! I love your captions on the photos and the tank setup is beautiful! Welcome boys! :)