Meet Big Red


I purchased a pleco last week at a cute little LFS. I'm not sure exactly what it is. It was in a tank labeled Chocolate BN Pleco, but he doesn't seem to look like the pictures that I see online. He looks more red than brown, hence his name "Big Red".

Anyone know definitively, what type he is?

All I know is that he is single-handedly decimating the algae in my 55 SA Cichlid Tank. The white pvc for one of the sponge filters was covered in algae when I put him in the tank a week ago. Not any longer! I love this fish!!

Also, my concerns of a BN with a Clown Pleco in the tank were unnecessary. I have yet to see them even acknowledge the existence of the other. The CP stays on or around the driftwood and dragonstone. The BN is on glass, filter pieces, or any other non-organic surface in the tank.


thats a really pretty pleco ive never seen anything like it.

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