Meet Baby Blue And Miss Frookie

  1. Sakti Initiate Member

    20179937_1774656695882173_1791264186_n.jpg 20136492_1774655279215648_1453946704_n.jpg

    Miss Frookie is a Vannila Lobster. I just bought these two yesterday and when I got up this morning Baby Blue is missing. I have looked everywhere. Do they burry themselves in the sand? Either he somehow got out or he is an amazing hider. I just noticed that my log deco was lifted up off the sand and has a large opening. I am hoping that maybe he went in there to molt. If so, I hope he can get out!
  2. DoubleDutch Fishlore Legend Member

    awesome !!! The first one looks to give a middlefinger.

  3. Sakti Initiate Member

    I know! LOL I went to take a picture and she came out full of attitude :)
  4. Sakti Initiate Member

    Blue returned! He was up inside of the driftwood deco. His name is now Houdini. I'm so glad he didn't get stuck.

  5. Colawoman Initiate Member

    How is Miss Frookie and Houdini doing? I have a vanilla - Mr. V, and would love to get a blue one but I have been advised not to - bummer! Just wanted to see if it really could be a possibility!
  6. Sakti Initiate Member

    Don't get another. I had to go buy 2 tanks because my bottom feeders were not safe in my 75 gallon community tank. My DoJo Loach had a chunk out of his side. So I bought a 40 gallon breeder for them and Frookie kept beating the heck out of blue. So I bought Another tank and separated them. So now they have their own tanks. What an ordeal!
  7. Colawoman Initiate Member

    So sorry you had to go through that but I do appreciate the information and I'll be happy with just Mr. V!