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Discussion in 'Snails' started by snailyfriends, Jun 19, 2018.

  1. snailyfriendsValued MemberMember

    this has me very stressed. i'm looking for tetracycline because some people said it's helped their snails with this exact thing. the black spots infection. every pet shop i went to either didn't have it or didn't have any in stock. the one that said they would have some in stock today didn't get any in the shipment. i tried melafix, that only made him slime up really bad, he still has long strings of slime from that. i can't even find any online because most stores are out of stock or have the price way up. there's also a chance it could get stuck in snail mail (pun intended i guess) does anyone know for sure of any others not only safe but also effective? i'd hate to experiment on him, he's a pet, not a lab rat. he won't come out for rag treatments anymore either. he's getting weak. sorry to seem desperate. i love my snails

  2. snailyfriendsValued MemberMember

    it's been a hard past few days for both of us and he's probably tired of being messed with and wants to be left in peace. i put him by a fan in shallow water, on his favorite shell, to help him sleep so he won't be in pain. thanks for helping so much in my last topic. it will either be a miracle or sneaven for him.

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  3. SunnynicciValued MemberMember

    All of my research has come up zeros. I don't know if tetracycline would have worked if you'd gotten it earlier; I don't think there is a cure. I'm trying to keep my girl Copperfield comfortable just like you are now with yours.

  4. snailyfriendsValued MemberMember

    i try to tell myself that and that people have never found an exact cause or cure for this infection, and that mystery snails are a mystery. and i think part of it might also be his age. he's about an inch and a half in diameter. probably an older grandpa snail.
  5. RtessyFishlore VIPMember

    I'm so sorry you're going through this. I can't offer much help at all really, tetracycline is very difficult to find and get in time. Fingers crossed for you and your snail buddy.
  6. PringlethesnailWell Known MemberMember

    There’s no such thing as black spot infection. It’s just the color of the snail. There are no medicines safe for snails right now. Only clean water. You have hurt the snail with medications. Snails foot will change throughout their life especially ones with dark feet. I would do several small water changes to get any medicines out of the water and put fresh carbon in the filter. Make sure the tank is heated to 75 to 80F and you’re feeling him the correct diet. He does look like an older snail. Older snails don’t recover as well as younger snails but hopefully he will be okay. Don’t change too much water at once or you will send him into shock. I’m sorry this happened to you and that the internet made you believe the spots were an indicator of illness. There is not much information out there on these guys but I’ve been caring for them and breeding them for three years and many dark footed snails randomly get those spots and live long happy lives. Keep us updated
  7. snailyfriendsValued MemberMember

    thanks but there really are parts of his foot being eaten. the last few times he could cling to the glass his foot looked very small and wrinkly and the spot on the bottom looked like a notch. he was acting sick even before the medicine, not able to hold the glass for very long because his foot would get wrinkly and slimy and he would slowly fall off. he would sit for very long periods half open (days even) which wasn't like him at all. he used to be a very active and hungry snail, his favorite thing to do was go all around the sides of the tank. i can't get him to eat either. the two other snails are just fine and not showing a single symptom of anything. they're eating normally and going about their lives. even if he's dying of old age i still want to keep him comfortable and let him sleep. you're right, there isn't a lot about snails, and i've researched this for weeks and still only found the same three help forum questions about it. you can't research something very well if there isn't much about it. and yes, i know the medicine made him worse. that's why i stopped using it. and if it's not anything wrong then i really don't know what to do and now i'm getting worried again
  8. angelcrazeWell Known MemberMember

    Quote: thanks but there really are parts of his foot being eaten.

    I apologize, I am not familiar yet with your sitch, but are there fish in the tank?
  9. snailyfriendsValued MemberMember

    no fish at all! it's just that little spot too.
  10. angelcrazeWell Known MemberMember

    Ok, just making sure a fish is not nipping at the foot. Personally I can't see the nips. Keep the water clean (no ammonia or nitrite), flush out the meds as already suggested, hopefully he'll perk up again. Fresh clean water, clean substrate and clean filter (preserving all beneficial bacteria) is the best medicine for snails.
  11. snailyfriendsValued MemberMember

    okay. i'll let him wake up and readjust then let him go back into the tank, see how he does. i had him isolated when i gave him the meds so the tank water is free of that. a shipment of prime juuuust arrived before i came back to this!!! that should help i hope. i'll trust you. thank you.
  12. snailyfriendsValued MemberMember

    i tested and ammonia is so low if there was a color change i couldn't tell very well but the nitrates are high. not quite 20. i'll focus on those.
  13. PringlethesnailWell Known MemberMember

    Hey! I’ve been gone for awhile. What happened with your snail? I hope it’s feeling better. I’ve never heard of parts being eaten away. Usually those dark spots are just marbling as they age and wrinkled foot and trouble climbing are symptoms of an irritated foot. I have tetracycline that I use for my fish, but have never tried it for snail issues. Let me know!
  14. snailyfriendsValued MemberMember

    hi, sadly he died of old age. i think it was old age anyway. first his foot wouldn't open, then he just stopped eating and wasted away. it was just odd that it was only him showing symptoms of anything. the other snails have been fine.
  15. PringlethesnailWell Known MemberMember

    Yeah they do get spots as they age and their foot can shrivel and become paralyzed. I’m sorry he passed away, but at least you gave him a good life and the other snails are healthy!
  16. snailyfriendsValued MemberMember

    yes, at least now that mystery is solved. thanks everyone

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