Medicine For Sick Bolivian Ram

  1. Celestialgirl Well Known Member Member

    I picked up two Bolivian Rams 1.5-2 weeks ago. The first one never ate and passed away today. The second one ate the first couple of days. I treated them with API General Cure as a preventative medicine on day 3, but after that the second one started going down hill as well. Symptoms: not eating, thin, dark in color (unsure if normal or not), and not a lot of movement. His fins aren't clamped and he does wander the tank a bit, but not a lot. He needs food but I don't know what to do. This is my first issue with disease. What should I treat him with and should I treat the whole tank? Please let me know as well if the med you're recommending destroys the cycle or not.

    Ammonia - 0
    Nitrites - 0
    Nitrates - 5-15
    pH - 7.4 (I do water changes twice per week to keep it stable, otherwise it creeps up to 8.2. This has been working though).
    37 gallon
    Temp - 25C (77F)
    Stocking: 7 platys (I'm moving some of my males over to a different tank), 6 Sterbai Corys, 1 Bolivian Ram

    I also picked up some Marineland All in One Remedy, but it said not for scaleless fish and when I went to the website seemed more for external parasites?

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  2. Aquaphobia Fishlore Legend Member

    API General Cure is for external parasites as well. Is he eating anything at all? Is he having to compete with the other fish for the food you drop in? Have you tried frozen or live foods?

  3. Celestialgirl Well Known Member Member

    I haven't seen him eat at all in about a week or maybe a little more. I do have platys, which feed aggressively, and Corys, which do nothing but eat. He doesn't even look for food though. I did try some frozen brine shrimp and dosed some other food with garlic. I tried 3 different types of cichlids food (including what the store was feeding them). No one sells live food in my city (I tried).
  4. Aquaphobia Fishlore Legend Member

    Do you have a QT you can put him in for treatment?

  5. Celestialgirl Well Known Member Member

    I have a second tank that has a few male platys in it (i have too many males). I can always take them out and put them back in my main tank. I did have the one that died in there a few days.

    So should I treat again with a parasite product or does anyone think it's something else?

    Could it be this? I don't see any wounds though... Not sure if that's required?

    Hexamita or Hole in the Head disease - Common in all fish, but these protozoans are particularly deadly to cichlids. They infect the digestive tract and are associated with head and lateral line erosion. Symptoms: Fish will exhibit a marked decrease in vitality, darkened colors, lack of appetite, and slimy whitish-to-clear faeces.

    Sick Fish! What Do I Do?

    Anyone try force feeding them?

  6. OnTheFly Well Known Member Member

    I think I would be inclined to treat the fish in the QT tank given the difficulties you had cycling the community. I'm not certain what is wrong with him but I would treat with a broad spectrum.

  7. Celestialgirl Well Known Member Member

    I had a Sterbai Cory die today as well. The corys have been super busy so this surprised me. I decided to treat the whole tank with Marineland all in one, which I think was a mistake. I'm just in a panic to treat them with SOMETHING. Upon further research, it can knock out your cycle and isn't good for Corys. Sigh. As they've been treated today I'll leave them but will pull the Ram out tomorrow and treat him separately.

    I crushed some garlic and am soaking in some water. I plan on soaking the fish food for the main tank with garlic water, as I've read that can help with parasites but is safe. Is that true or just wishful thinking?

  8. Aquaphobia Fishlore Legend Member

    IME garlic can help but if you can figure out exactly what is wrong then proper medicine is preferable. In the meantime it may help get him eating again at the very least.
  9. Celestialgirl Well Known Member Member

    I tried garlic before but it didn't work to get The Rams to eat. I'm hoping it will at least have a bit of a positive effect on the other fish, if they're affected.

    I doubt I'll be able to figure out what it is. I've spent a lot of time googling lethargy, anorexia, and weakness but usually it's accompanied by external stuff too. I suspect parasites but that's really an uneducated guess and based on the lack external symptoms.

    I currently have some male platys in my QT. has anyone put them outside in a 5 gallon pail? They're bullying my females badly and I need to rehome them but until then, I need to put them somewhere.
  10. Celestialgirl Well Known Member Member

    So just an update, I'm on day 4 of treating with Marlineland All-in-One Remedy. He's still not eating but I'm noticing he's also breathing heavy (water parameters are still good). Does that give another clue to what he might have?

    All symptoms: lethargy, not eating/thin/sunken belly/breathing heavy/dark in color

    If he's still alive, I'm thinking I'll do the 5th day of treatment tomorrow (as the bottle states to treat 5 days), then switch to General Cure on Wednesday, and maybe an antibiotic too.

  11. Aquaphobia Fishlore Legend Member

    I would be tempted to switch meds now, it doesn't seem that what you've been using is doing any good at all. Maybe add some methylene blue since that's supposed to help with oxygen saturation in the blood, something I'd suspect is a problem for him based on the heavy breathing.
  12. Celestialgirl Well Known Member Member

    Can I mix methylene blue with the other meds?
  13. Aquaphobia Fishlore Legend Member

    Doesn't seem to have any contraindications with other drugs, though it may be trouble if the patient has a sensitivity to that kind of substance already or is in kidney failure.
  14. Celestialgirl Well Known Member Member

    Aww... I had to euthanize him. :( I ordered methylene blue online (none available in town). I saw him this morning and he seemed the same. I couldn't find him the remainder of the day but then found him hidden, laying on his side and couldn't swim. Poor little guy!

    Thank you everyone for trying.
  15. Aquaphobia Fishlore Legend Member

    I'm really sorry x