Media for SunSun HW-303B

Discussion in 'Filters and Filtration' started by csutter1, Aug 8, 2014.

  1. csutter1Valued MemberMember

    The title pretty much says it all. What are your recommendations for media to use in this canister filter.
    I'm planning on having a 72G bow front with African Cichlids.

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  2. cichlidmanWell Known MemberMember

  3. KareenValued MemberMember

  4. Adam55Well Known MemberMember

    Specific brand names or general configuration?
  5. csutter1Valued MemberMember

    Specific brand names. I'm comfortable with the order and configuration. Thanks!

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  6. KareenValued MemberMember

  7. Adam55Well Known MemberMember

  8. csutter1Valued MemberMember

    I like both the Eheim Substrat Pro and Fluval BioMax. Can I use both in my canister, just one type per tray? Or is it best to stick with one type of bio-media?
  9. MamajinWell Known MemberMember

    Please, do not waste you cash on name brand bio media. You can pick up a large bag of red lava rock at any garden center (Home Depot, Lowe's etc.) for under 5 dollars. This is what I use in mine and it works no different than brand names. There's even a site online that sells the Sun Sun/AquaTops with lava rock as the bio-media. ;)
  10. Marie1Well Known MemberMember

    It doesn't matter. Seachem Matrix is your best bang for your buck in my opinion.

    If you use something like lava rock, not a bad idea, I would make sure you have plenty of pads on the top and the bottom of the tray and put the rock in the middle. That should help reduce the amount of gunk that will get into the rocks.

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