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Discussion in 'Platy' started by Acatnamedphil, May 27, 2019.

  1. Acatnamedphil New Member Member

    I have 2 platys in a ten gallon tank and one is beating the other one up. It is a new tank so I let it cycle for about 2 months before I put fish in. I don’t know if either fish are male or female because I’m new to fish. I think it might be because I don’t have enough cover but I don’t know. I was planning on adding one or two platys after my bacteria grows a little more lat  er

  2. Minxxy Valued Member Member

    Bottom is a female, if you can get a better picture of top, with bottom fin open we can tell

  3. Acatnamedphil New Member Member

    Is that better?

  4. Minxxy Valued Member Member

    That may be male
  5. Minxxy Valued Member Member

    Ive tried to upload a picture for you but i have bad wifi right bow, Google sexing platty fish, you will see the difference
  6. Acatnamedphil New Member Member

    Ok thank you. I’ll look when I get home. The pictures on google help. If it is male would it be something about mating?
  7. Acatnamedphil New Member Member

    He’s definitely male. I haven’t noticed much more wounds so it could have been stress from putting them in the tank.
  8. Minxxy Valued Member Member

    :rolleyes: ya when i was cycling my tank i noticed some chasing by the male
  9. Acatnamedphil New Member Member

    The female is the one chasing. The male is missing a small piece of his tail again. He seems much more skittish. Should I add some more cover so he can hide a little easier?
  10. Acatnamedphil New Member Member

    I’m starting to notice the male chasing the female too. Idk if that means they are trying to kill each other or if he’s decided he’s had enough with the abuse. Should I be doing anything?
  11. Momgoose56 Well Known Member Member

    One male and one female is not good. The male will eventually harass the female to death. You either need more females (but if you do that you'll end up with more baby fish than you can get rid of) or several more of another kind of fish.
    And yes, LOTS of tall plants, wood, things she can swim behind or around to hide would help! *your attachment didn't work.
  12. Minxxy Valued Member Member

    I wouldnt worry about babies, platties are terrible parents and will unfortunately eat the fry mostly before you see them
  13. Acatnamedphil New Member Member

    Ok I have other fish In the house. I could add a male Betta, guppies, Cories, a few swordtails or a bristle nose pleco. (these are all from my dads 55 gal)
    Edit: what should I add?
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  14. Acatnamedphil New Member Member

    I have added a bunch of rocks and moved my plants around to give some more cover.
  15. Acatnamedphil New Member Member

    I can’t add to many because all I have is a 10gal
  16. Momgoose56 Well Known Member Member

    :eek: Nooooòoooo! Cannibals! Fryacide!
  17. Acatnamedphil New Member Member

    Just another thought. Do you think it would be a better idea to move one of them to another tank?
  18. Momgoose56 Well Known Member Member

    You could add some of the guppys or swords. You need fish swimming in the same space as the platys to distract them so onee beta wouldn't do it, neither would a pleco.
  19. Acatnamedphil New Member Member

    Ok I’ve added 2 guppies. Will that be enough? I don’t want to overstock.
  20. Acatnamedphil New Member Member

    Update: that worked flawlessly! Thanks for the help! The female seems much more calm and relaxed and they both seem to have made friends with the guppies. At first the male and the guppies were chasing each other around the tank but after a few minutes they got along fine. Thanks again for the help!