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So currently I have two female MM Platy in a 10 gal (cycled, 0,0, >10) and I got them at the same time from the same store a few weeks ago and recently I’ve noticed the larger one (who is almost twice the size of the other) is picking on the small one.

At first I thought she was just being food aggressive but now I’ve noticed her randomly chasing/nipping at the smaller one. She doesn’t, like, chase the small one around the tank but if the small one swims by her she’ll nip and chase her away. This is a completely new development, there used to be no aggression between them around food or otherwise.

The smaller one is very submissive and the larger one is a dominant bully. I was thinking, if I upgrade them to a 20gal and add a few more Platy do you think the harassment would stop? If I do this, should I get one or two other large ones who will keep my current dominant Platy in check? Or will they all just gang up on my smaller one? Should I get smaller ones so my current small one isn’t alone anymore or will my big dominant one just end up being mean to all of them?

The big one is really beautiful and bright and big, but I’m attached to the smaller one because when I got her she had finrot and ich but I’ve since completely healed her.
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