Mean blood parrot

  1. Andrew Sackett Member Member

    I just got a blood parrot, he's just got done acclimating and already he is chasing my other fish even my angels are scared should I take him out?

    Maybe I should swap him out with another I heard each one can have a different personality

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  2. FiscCyning Member Member

    Blood Parrots are a semi-aggressive species so he may not be a good choice for your aquarium. They are more active swimmers than the angelfish and could definitely stress the angel out (or even hurt him) especially since he's already showing chasing behavior. I would probably recommend returning him and getting a less aggressive species of fish instead. In the mean time, turning off the tank lights can reduce some stress, but keep an eye on them to make sure he hasn't hurt any of the other fish.
  3. Andrew Sackett Member Member

    I've taken him out and I am returning him I'll just stick to fish I know are nice

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    pecking order