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  1. w4sapNew MemberMember

    Hi all,
    I have some dry skeleton coral rocks and I was woindering, could I break them up into smaller pieces for use as bio media in a canister filter to help maintain my ph? Also will bacteria grow on them?
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    Hello and welcome to fishlore. I don’t know much about skeleton coral rock but I do know many say crush coral helps maintain a higher PH and everything you have in your filter will grow BB on it the amount depends on how porous the media is to how effective it will be hope this helps a bit.
  3. w4sapNew MemberMember

    Thanks for the reply! Here's a pic of the coral rock.

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  4. grump299Well Known MemberMember

    Ok that’s what i thought it looked like I had an idea. It looks some what like lava rock so it should be good for BB in your filter not the best but will do a good job. I use lava rock in both my canisters along with matrix in the fluval 404 I have about a 1lb of lava rock and 500g of matrix and in my aquatop cf300 about 2 lbs lava rock and 1ltr of matrix