Mbuna stocking

  1. g

    gouramiguy88 Valued Member Member

    Hi everyone.

    I have a 70 gallon tank stocked with 6 mbuna, but im getting more soon.

    I was wondering how many I can fit?

    Thanks everyone

    I hear alot of people say that its not a mbuna tank unless its overstocked =)

    Going to get some pictures up

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  2. Shawnie

    Shawnie Fishlore Legend Member

    awesome job!! id add a few more different caves and rock structures to hide in...and a mbuna tank is a tank with mbuna's in it lol

    in a 70g tank, id have 15-20 mbuna's...1m to 3-4f ration...
  3. navyscuba

    navyscuba Well Known Member Member

    Piggy back on what Shawnie mentioned above. I have 42 fish Mbuna and Peacocks on my 100 gal. May need to put some more rocks tho.:;2cents
  4. OP

    gouramiguy88 Valued Member Member

    yeah i just ordered another big peice of holey rock.

  5. kcarmartinez

    kcarmartinez Valued Member Member

    Yep, overstocking keeps down the aggression. (Well, I guess more like no one gets targeted). I have 22 fish in my 75G I think, but my demasoni only get to be 3-4 inches. And definitley more females than males.

    What do you have in there now?