MBS- Who has the worst case?

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Multiple betta syndrome! Who has the worst case of it? How many bettas do you have, what kind, tank type, other fish with betta, the bettas name and of course, pictures!!(if possible) any info you would like to share about your bettas is welcome

ill start it off with my betta elvis! He is the king of his 29 gal that he shares with zebra danios, cories, female guppies, oto and ghost shrimp. He is a red double tail male betta with some purple mixed with the red elvis has his own castle in there that he sleeps in and likes to poke his head through the windows. He is very active and loves saying hello! He gets along great with all the fish, only snapping at the shrimp and guppies every now and then. For the most part, they all get along great! His tail is purple/red and at the ends clear because they were nipped at awhile ago.

Ill try to upload a pic, may not work though. Let's hear about theose bettas and who has the most!! Pictures are appreciated
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I used to have around 30 at any given point but now I only have 2[probably gonna change very soon but for now, this is what I have ] ...

Okami is a pineapple veiltail male in a 5gal flat back hex by himself besides his Malaysian trumpet & micro ramshorn snails:

Cajun is a blue/green/yellow/platinum marble crowntail male in a 5gal hex with red cherry shrimp & assorted snails:
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Nice bettas elvis is my avatar picture. I'm very tempted to get another betta, but I'm not allowed to set up any more tanks soo.... out of luck there!
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I have three (I'm on my phone so I'll add pictures later)

Jake and Elwood were bought at the same time abiut a year ago. They originally were in a 10 gallon divided so they each had 5 gallons, but were upgraded to a 20 gallon long (giving them each 10 gallons) shortly after that. They have never had any problems with flaring at each other through the divider although sometimes I wonder if they can see each other or not.




My third betta is Urie. He was my birthday present this year. He is in a 10 gallon tank. I tried shrimp as tank mates but I had a hard time keeping them alive and the ones that I was able to successfully keep became a snack.


I do not keep (or recommend keeping) other fish with bettas. Jake and Elwood have had mystery snail tank mates in the past. Currently there are 3 nerite snails in the 20 gallon long that have discovered that they can climb over the divider to the other side lol. There are also 2 nerite snails that share Urie's home
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I have one. Blufee the betta boy is in a Marineland crescent 5 tank by himself. I have had him since November of last year. He is a crowntail, I think royal blue/turquoise mix. He has finrot right now, but he seems to be doing alright.


I'm trying to convince my older brother to set up a betta tank in his room. That way I can have another betta, but say it's his. ;D I'll be the one taking care of it anyway right?
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At the moment, I have six boys, though the most I've had at one point was 9. All of their pictures are in my signature

Misha is a blue and white delta tail betta- he has much more blue on him now than he does in the picture. He shares a 10 gallon with 6 pygmy cories and a few cherry shrimp.

Crowley is an orchid crowntail betta who lives in his very own 5 gallon. I put him there to eat all of the planaria, and he's doing a great job so far! lol.

Then there's Victor and Rufus, who share a divided 20 gallon. Victor is a cute little blue crowntail, and Rufus is a delta tail; he has quite a few colors depending on which way he turns, including pink, purple, blue, and green. He's one of my more photogenic bettas

And my most recent bettas are rescues named Andy and Ansem; they're so ugly they're cute! Their story can be seen here-
They're both crowntails; Andy is the red one and Ansem is the Blue one.

All of my bettas are named after Supernatural characters, incase you were wondering! lol
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They all soound like very happy bettas!! Sorry to hear yours has finrot lilibeth, and can't wait to see pictures corycats dolphin, they are all so pretty!!! I love the first one, the 2 crowntails, the really big white one and the others haha but seriously that first redish one has some tail!! Or had if that is gordon.. either way everyone has some nice ones! I love hearing that the are kept in tanks not bowls I'm trying to convince parents to let me put a tank in the kitchen for a betta... already have 5gal tank, heater, substrate and decor, just need new filter(for 5 gal or for my 15 or 29..) and the betta! Then I would be set!! Haha but sadly they say 2 tanks is already enough. I am still to see mr. Elvis flare.. he will spread his fins out everynow and then and stare at something for a moment before dashing off, but he never truly flares.. I'm getting some nerite snails soon to help with algae, and may pick up some more ghost shrimp. They're in there mainly for nephews/nieces/cousins to watch(and me of course) so I don't mind him snacking on one or two everynow and then. I'm tempted to set up a small tank(maybe 5 gal) and put some gs in to breed but who knows.. maybe my 15 gal will work well enough!
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Thanks, I hope he gets well soon too.

My boy doesn't usually flare, but if you turn off the lights in the house at night and leave his on...he goes to town flaring at his reflection! The background on his tank has fish on it, and sometimes he will swim back there just so he has something to flare at lol.
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dolphin, they are all so pretty!!! I love the first one, the 2 crowntails, the really big white one and the others haha but seriously that first redish one has some tail!! Or had if that is gordon.. either way everyone has some nice ones!

Gordon was a very pretty little boy! I had him about a year before he passed, and I'm still not quite sure what happened. Here's his rescue story, he went through quite a change:
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I have just two but I would love more. One is a pretty blue betta and the other is a red crowntail.
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I can't believe that's the same fish!! Gordon went from white to blue to red! What kind of tail did he have? And nice betta pictures corycats! That's cool to hear becky I want more as well.
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Lovely bettas, everybody!

I'm only internally afflicted with MBS at the moment.
I literally don't have a space on my house that another tank could sit on. However, my boyfriend and I desperately need bedroom chests and after we get one, I plan to save up for another 10 gallon setup to divide and house two more bettas. Not sure whether I want males, females, or one of each, but I'm hoping to find a lovely yellow or white one.

But for now, Gideon is an only fish.


This is one from really recently. His fins aren't looking well, though I'm not sure what it is. I have a post about his general condition , if anyone might have ideas on what it is.
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I can't believe that's the same fish!! Gordon went from white to blue to red! What kind of tail did he have? And nice betta pictures corycats! That's cool to hear becky I want more as well.

He was a delta
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I almost got a light blue/white/purple tail delta not long ago he was goregous!!! But he seemed to aggressive and flarey to be community so I went with my next choice of elvis elvis was very lively and friendly other was more shy and such. Personality won out in that round!! I now know what kind I want next!!!

And my mbs is internal as well. Can't have any more tanks but I want some!! Lol mbs kind of goes well with mts! Gideon is really pretty! His fin issue could be finr or something in tank ripping/nipping his fins.. idk though
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Currently we have 4, all walmart 'rescues'.

Shredder (red veiltail) was the victI'm of someone thinking it would be 'fun' to put 2 bettas together in the same cup...he was the survivor. He lives in a 5 gallon kritter keeper tank with some ramshorn, bladder, and trumpet snail roommates.

DSC02778 (768x1024).jpg

DSC02782 (1024x768).jpg

DSC02783 (1024x768).jpg

Slasher (blue veiltail) didn't have any problems except he was the only one at walmart at the time Though he does have issues with his tail, hence the name. He also lives in a 5 gallon kritter keeper with trumpet, ramshorn, and bladder snails.

DSC02786 (1024x768).jpg

DSC02779 (768x1024).jpg

This red veiltail guy (no name yet) had 'floating' issues. He couldn't stay upright unless he was actively swimming. When he stopped moving his fins he would fall onto his side. Currently he lives in a 1 gallon bowl with a few ramshorns until I get another 5 gallon set up for him.

DSC03173 (1024x766).jpg

DSC03175 (1024x754).jpg

Finally is our new guy. He also doesn't have a name yet and is our first crowntail My son found him under the shelf at walmart where his cup had rolled after someone dropped him. Lucky for him, his cup rolled so that the crack and hole created from the drop were on the 'top'. He also lives in a bowl temporarily with a few ramshorns, though as you can see in the pic, he doesn't like them.

DSC03170 (1024x767).jpg

DSC03171 (1024x738).jpg

DSC03172 (1024x743).jpg
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shelleyd2008 - I was considering getting a 5 gallon kritter keeper for my next betta but I was wondering how well a filter system would work with it. What do you use for filtration and heat?
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shelleyd2008 - I was considering getting a 5 gallon kritter keeper for my next betta but I was wondering how well a filter system would work with it. What do you use for filtration and heat?

With a critter keeper, you'd probably have to go with a sponge filter. (These are very easy to make- you can do a quick google or youtube search)

Heating would probably be a bit harder since a normal heater could melt the critter keeper. Your best bet would probably be just keeping it in a warm room.
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Great thread here for betta likers!

Here is Blue Moon, a dragonscale plakat. He currently is in a 2 gallon Marineland Explorer tank while I set up a 10 gallon for him, which I will probably divide so I can get another betta! Here he is a while ago in a 5-gallon Marineland Hex and a divided 10 gallon with another betta buddy who passed (Fish):


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shelleyd2008 - I was considering getting a 5 gallon kritter keeper for my next betta but I was wondering how well a filter system would work with it. What do you use for filtration and heat?

I have some small 'box' filters that I bought frompetmountain. Currently none of them have heat since the house is always at 77 or higher. This winter I will be getting them some mini-tank heaters.

These are the filters I have: Obviously, these filters are mainly biological (house good bacteria), regular water changes are needed.

And here's the type of heater I plan to use:

Though I don't have a clue how I'll get the heaters in there since the only opening in the top is 1 hole for an airline and the 'door'. I might move the bettas into my spare bedroom which is usually at least 80 degrees year-round (it has baby birds and button quail in there that need to be kept warm). That's the plan anyway

Edit to add that you can see the filters in the back of the tanks
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dolphinlover101 and shelleyd2008 - Thanks for the info. As we let our house get pretty cold in the winter, to save some money, I'd probably be better off waiting for a glass aquarium so I can defintely use a heater in it. Our house hovers around 63 degrees F here in the winter. =/

Donnerjay - Your betta is so pretty! Is there some deep red on the end of his tail? The first photo looked like there was. He's beautiful!
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Donnerjay - Your betta is so pretty! Is there some deep red on the end of his tail? The first photo looked like there was. He's beautiful!

Thank you! Yes, there is deep red on his tail, and his dorsal and ventral fins are ringed with red.
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I have seven.
two are just fish store females who are in my community tank.

Then there's Banana a beautiful light skin coloured halfmoon with attitude (Dont have pics at the moment sorry)

Then Motley who is a red and blue marble halfmoon (Again no pics currently.)

My two red babies one male and one female who are still too young to have full fins but they are beautiful red halfmoons


and then Marshmallow my girl with attitude!!!


In my experience they are the fish with the most attitude in my house!
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Glad you all like the thread!! everyone has some nice bettas! Nice to see they are all loved so much! And to hear about the rescue stories some have! Now I'm very tempted to get another!! Now to just get a new filter for 29 gal so I can upgrade the filter in the 15 and put one in the 5. When I got elvis the cashier asked if he was one from the back of the store, and if he was he wasn't for sale. Makes me wonder if the ones in back were sick, dead or just new... he then started saying if he starts to look sick/clamped fins come on into the store and we can figure something out. You can also put a mirror by his tank and he will perk up. What size tank? Me- 15 gal fully cycled and everything. Oh.. then nevermind your good! He seemed much happier after I told him that. Elvis now has 29gal
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I have 1, flame- hes so friendly and loves attention, I think he knows his name hehe
Here he is x

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He's a cutie!

P.s.... quick question, is your profile up to date? 2 gallons with an angel and 8 guppies is very overstocked as angels get 7in+ and guppies produce a lot of waste. Do either tanks have a heater, and do you know the nitrogen cycle?
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I have eight at the moment four females and four males. here are some pics of current bettas and past bettas I have had
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I'm in the process of getting a 55litre for them all minus betta and a testing kit as the one from my lfs didn't work and had to take it back so il get those readings soon hopefully this weekend, would you recommend seperating the guppies and angel asthey don't seem to get along, angel is only lickle atm x
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Oh and yes heater in both tanks
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Guppies tend to be food for angels, so Guppies and angels are a no no. And also a 15 gallon will still be way to small for the angel. I recommend taking the angel back and keeping the guppies glad there is a heater.

Oh and pretty bettas kspanclux!!!
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BEHOLD. Corvo! I really love his blue highlights. I am seriously debating whether I want to add a tank divider and get another... @_@
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I was thinking about taking him back I don't want any fish to be unhappy and the angel seems timid and stays behind plants id rather they were all happy
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IMAG1367.jpgI took the angel to a nearby aquatics shop, not were I got his as they are terrible and stayed with him until he was introduced to the other angels, he is now king of the tank there and I have made sure he is only to get a loving family with a huuuuge tank for him and he has to keep his name (zigzag) plus my guppies seem happier too :S atleast every1 is happy x

IMAG1372.jpghappy in new home
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I'm rather sad reading this topic because I currently have no betta. I lost my female back in January. At this time, all of my tanks are unavailable for bettas. I want it to have its own tank.

Next one I want to get will be a male. I do have a tank (Hawkeye semi-hexagon 5 gallon) available to clean and it does have a filter (not sure if it works). I don't have a spot for the tank at this point. I could set up a 2.5 gallon on my bookshelf, but I'm fine waiting until I can get the 5 gallon set up.
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Sorry to hear of your loss escapay. I'm glad however you're willing to wait until you can care for a betta correctly I'm in the same boat! Have tank, but no tank space... lol just remeber though, mbs isn't just with how many you have, but what you have had, and would want if you could

Sherbetta-I'm so glad you rehomed him/her! They will all thank you a lot. The 8guppies wil feel aot safer and will become more outgoing in there tank alone as well zigzag will be happier and enjoy a bigger tank as well!
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I have 6 currently.
4.Peacock 2 pics
5.No name


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Our poor crowntail died yesterday. He's stopped eating and just hung out on the top of the water
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I'm so sorry to hear that shelly!!!!!! I'm sure he had a very nice life, especially since he didn't have to live in a bowl or cup the whole time!

And very nice bettas shain!! Psstt... drago would be cute to name him
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This is my betta Goliath.

I've had him for only 3 weeks. While his 28ltr was cycling, I introduced him into my 55 gallon community tank. Although he seemed peacefully and I wanted to keep him in the 55g, I went with more experienced betta keeper's advice to put him into his own tank. Any tips on keeping bettas would be greatly appreciated.

To be honest i'd love to keep a lot more.
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He's a pretty boy macca! My elvis currently is a community betta in the 29 and I have no issues, and haven't for awhile. As long as all other fish are healthy and able to swim away from him, or aren't bigger than him he seems okay. The others only go after him if he goes after them. He'll chase one or 2 fishies every now and then but then gives up. Other than that he's very healthy and happy! He's been in there for several months now. Bettas like it warm, and plenty of hiding places. Once his own tank is cycled you could add a few snails and or shrimp! Maybe even an adf oe two since he isn't as vicious as some that would add more interest to the tank! Also with fake plants, make sure they're silk or he could rip his fins on them. They always like live plants best!
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I have one 5 gallon and I got another one... a 10 g even though I don't have space for it now.

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