Maybe Java Loaches?

Discussion in 'Aquarium Stocking Questions' started by Otocinclus13, May 12, 2019.

  1. Otocinclus13Valued MemberMember

    Hello fellow fish peeps! I'm looking for some advice for stocking my (cycled) 30g.

    Tank stats: 30g Aqueon HOB filter (plus sponge filter, intake sponge, and HOB media upgrade in the next week or two), sand substrate, moderately planted, with one piece of driftwood, one rock pile/cave, and one large dragon statue named Bartholomew. Currently stocked with 15 silvertip tetras, and testing at 0/0/20 with 50% water changes weekly.

    Question: I've been waffling over bottom-dwellers for a while now. I LOVE kuhli loaches, but the tank is in a fairly central area of my home- not exactly the peaceful retreat that shy fish would enjoy. I've heard that java loaches can be less shy... does anyone have experience with them? I would add some coconut or clay pot hides as well as increasing the number of plants (which I'm planning to do anyways). The nocturnal part doesn't bother us... we're a busy family, and seeing them in mornings and evenings would work perfectly. And I only plan on stocking with the silvertips, loaches, and possibly a smallish centerpiece fish, so I have lots of room for a big pile of the silly noodles- maybe around 10-12. Do you think we'd see them out much?

    Follow-up question: would a single male apisto cacatuoides be OK with the loaches, or would that be too much for it? It was my planned centerpiece fish originally, but now I'm wondering if I may need to reconsider...

    Thank you in advance :)
  2. Cap2284New MemberMember

    ive heard if you get a single apisto it should be a female but no matter that i have a fully stocked 20g 9 guppies 1 bristlenose 1 oto cat 4 ramshorn 20 shrimp and 2 apistogramma Panduro. and i can honestly say that my apistos are the most fun to watch! the pair love bobbing and weaving around tight spots and love coming to the glass to see me!
  3. Otocinclus13Valued MemberMember

    Yeah, I've really enjoyed watching them in my LFS (and on home youtube videos). They seem like fantastic fish, both in color and personality. They were my top choice when I was considering a small school of cory cats, but I'm worried they'll feel a bit crowded with such a large school of loaches. :(
  4. Cap2284New MemberMember

    thats fair! they might i have a heavily stocked 20 (or at least i think so) and my panduros just succesfully bred with no crowding issue at all! every tank differs and so does every fish but i can honestly say that my panduros love the company of all the other fish in the tank. not to mention when the apistos claim an area of the tank they will ward off the loaches considering the loaches are a very gentle species. either way whatever you go with id love to see your tank when its done. i love loaches too!
  5. Otocinclus13Valued MemberMember

    I'll put up pics for sure. Right now I'm soaking my driftwood, and the whole tank looks a mess. If the apistos claim and guard an area of the tank, will they go after the loaches and injure them?