Free Mature pair of convicts. Free to a good home (Chicago area)


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Chicago west suburb
3 years
I have a male and female pair of Convicts. The male is about 4" and the female is about 5". I had removed the male due to aggression and bullying within my other semI aggressive tank. The female is still in my semI aggressive tank but is trying to breed. She is pretty chill when she's not trying to lay eggs. They could make a great breeding pair for the right home. If you only wanted 1 of the 2 I would be happy to have them go separately. Both fish are young about 1-1.5 yrs old, happy, and healthy. I'm trying to rehome them because I don't have the space for them separately and not equipped for to handle breeding. Nor do I want to breed. I'm mostly interested in local pick-up only and I want to make sure they go to a good home. Contact me if you're interested or want more information. Pics below. The male actually has a lot of nice color I had just changed the filter which stirred up a lot of stuff it seems.


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