Mature GS: Different colors, different species?


To the best of my knowledge, 'ghost shrimp' can be like, thirty-ish different species, right? Just a generic term for varieties of grass shrimp?
I find myself watching my GS as much as anything (my jealous eponymous betta photobombing, lol), and studying them is a hoot, their behavior! They flag me down, waving 'Hey!' as enthusiastically as any betta, I have never gotten them so huge and full of personality before!
Anyway, I'm curious about various types they MAY be, how they are identified, if there are any shrimp nerds that recognize them (sorry for the potentially awful pix, my phone cracked and the new camera isn't coming till after Christmas- I can see nothing, lol), besides curiosity, to know if some should go in a brackish tank (I'm considering it) to breed, etc.
I just enjoy these guys so much and want to do my best for them, they're getting really pretty, white (apparently not always a good sign in ghost shrimp ) and striped and spotted (I'll try to get better pictures soon), ANYTHING but transparent! Thanks if you made it this far!
PS thought the size comparison next to my betta boi was interesting. They challenge him constantly, I think their antennae are longer than he is lol

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