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Discussion in 'Crayfish - Crawfish' started by brondo, May 26, 2019.

  1. brondo Valued Member Member

    Is anyone else having problems with Cannibalism?! Iam trying to breed Marmorkrebs for puffer food. I have 2 in a 20g. One that I never see come out of its cave, ever. The other is a jerk. Tore the arms and legs off the 3rd, it died. Ate one of the 3 tetras i popped in to eat seed shrimp. Well I just found two 1/2-3/4 inch babies in the tank. 2. And they are big enough to have been around for a couple weeks. So Im pretty sure the one that never comes out birthed them and the other ate them. But everything I have found says they dont do that. WTH? How can there only be 2? I did so much research before buying these guys and its just not going as planned lol. Anyone out there having any luck with them? TIA

  2. david1978 Fishlore Legend Member

    Skimming threw a few articles I found this.

    Some unscrupulous individuals and companies will sell similar species as marbled crayfish for very cheap prices. Be aware that many crayfish have similar colors and patterns. However, the fakes will chase and eat fishes and other aquarium residents, which the marbled crayfish does not do. And of course, the fakes cannot reproduce by cloning themselves. This crayfish is still considered rare, so it is wise to be wary of someone selling this species for very cheap prices.

  3. SixThreeOh Well Known Member Member

    My colony took forever to start, but it's thriving now. I think the key is to provide them with constant sources of food. I throw plant trimmings in mine. I did have one suddenly go aggro and kill two others in two days. But I think it was mostly due to lack of food.

  4. brondo Valued Member Member

    What I have are 2, now 4 female marbled crays. Both have female reproductive systems, they look like marbled crayfish and have now reproduced without a male. I have had them since they were less than an inch long and one of them has already cloned itself, hence the 2 fry........
  5. brondo Valued Member Member

    I keep a lot of anacharis in the tank that they love to eat, plus a ton of snails that they snack on when hungry but I also feed snello, bloodworms and sometimes raw shrimp/seafood- whatever the puffer gets, daily. So I know they eat well. I have read that younger ones can have territorial fights but I was sure they did not eat their young. I cant do a seccond crayfish tank. They are supposed to be food. Im wondering if I get rid of the agressive one maybe they will fare better. I had to pull the little ones out for now.
  6. richie.p Well Known Member Member

    Well your doing things right, at the end of the day no matter what the books say theres always a chance of a rogue crayfish which seems you have, and as they're self cloning I'd part with that one and let the other get on with it, I hope it works out
  7. coralbandit Fishlore VIP Member

    Add more caves or tubes .
    You should have atleast 1 more then number that want to use it .
    I lay PVC pipes together and the little ones hide in between them !
    They do every now and then go after each other ..Usually during a molt which is how they kill each other .
    I thought mine would be gone by now but one just dropped babies a month ago or so I have a bunch again !
  8. brondo Valued Member Member

    Yeah, I have 5 caves and 2 Crays. The whole thing is mind boggling. How did I not see any of them. The two I found yesterday werent just hatched. I took the tank apart and rearranged things today and didnt find any more. I target feed these two with long tweezers daily so I looking in the tank every day. I just cant imagine there being a bunch of babies and not seeing any. Im wondering if she dropped most of the eggs early or something, being her first clutch. Idk I just hope we fare better this time. Im too nervous to put the little ones back in there so, MK tank #2....sigh. Im trying to condense and bring my # of tanks down. Thanks for the info and ideas guys.
  9. brondo Valued Member Member

    How many Adults do you have? Im wondering if I seperate them will the mother not eat her own? Or can they even tell the difference.