Marineland Penguin 350 with two bio wheels questions

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    I haven't seen much on here about the Marineland Penguin 350 with bio wheels. I have one for my 37 gallon tank and I was just curious as too how often I have to replace the cartridges? I've seen some videos on you tube where some people have just rinsed them and put them back in. Which leads me to my next question. If your just rinsing them and reusing them than how often do you have to replace the carbon? I'd love to just be able to rinse them and reuse them until they start falling apart but I'd have to cut them open to replace the carbon. Any DIY helpful hints for that? They do have double slots in case you want to add an extra cartridge. I saw someone on you tube use that extra space by adding an extra carbon pouch. Was thinking about doing the same. Not sure if he made those pouches himself or if you can buy them. I'd rather make my own. If I decide to add a carbon pouch and make my own what would be a good material to use to make them with? I'm very knew to keeping aquariums and I've spent a lot of money lately on mistakes, so I'm trying to pinch my pennies now by trying the DIY method. Thanks all in advance. ;)
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    The Penguin 350 Biowheel has 2 filter cartridges in use, as you know. When you do your water changes, rinse the cartridges in your old tank water to unclog them. You can usually get them so they are almost back to their original blue color. Dont worry much about losing your bacteria, as most of that is on the biowheels.

    As for the carbon, it only lasts a month, which is why Marineland tells you to change the cartridge every month, but that would be too expensive. So what you can do is cut a slit in the filter floss (the blue stuff) and dump out the carbon that is inside, then replace the filter cartridge in the filter. If you wish to add more carbon, you can buy a jar of carbon from any fish store and a mesh filter media net. The jar will tell you how much carbon you need to use for the size tank, measure it, dump it in the net, tie the net shut, add it to your filter, and you are set for another month. The mesh net bags are reusable, so after this month, dump out the carbon, rinse the net, and add the next months carbon.

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    Sounds easy enough... Thank you.
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    If you don't want to spend the money on carbon, you don't have to replace it. Some people use it ,some don't. It does remove medications you may need at some point. It also makes the water really clear too. So if you want to use it great. But don't feel like you have to.

    You can keep the frames from the cartridges you have and place the new carbon in those. Or you could get these.

    And whether you keep the old frames for media, or buy the baskets. This is what I used and just placed it in front of the media baskets or frames. Just cut to fit

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    And if you really want to replace the filters with new ones I would advise Amazon where they are a fraction of the cost at LFS or LPS.
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    Thanks for the links BDpups.