Marineland LED hidden lights ?

  1. HappyKnitter Member Member

  2. Matt B Well Known Member Member

    I have them on 2 tanks ,2 on a 110g and 1 on a 65g, both tanks about 2' tall. They come on a couple hours before the main fixture and stay on a couple hours after it for viewing purposes and to give the fish somewhat of a ramp up/down in light intensity. In these tanks I would consider the lighting dim, I wouldn't use them as the sole source of light plants or not.

    I got them so I could view the fish without overdoing the photoperiod from the main fixture and they work great for this, I am using the hidden as opposed to the accent.

    ETA, here are 2 of them on a 110g:
  3. HappyKnitter Member Member

    Matt B That looks great. ! I just have a 55 gal goldfish tank with some plants . I too turn off light in steps. I was looking in getting 2 for the 55 gal . What is your main lighting for your 110 .
  4. Matt B Well Known Member Member

    Thanks:) I think two would light it up pretty good, I'll get a picture of my 65 with one on it for reference though it is a tall tank.

    The main fixture on my 110 is a 60" BML 13K fish focus blue.
  5. Matt B Well Known Member Member

    Here is a 65 with one 21" fixture on:

  6. HappyKnitter Member Member

    Thanks.. that looks nice. I need to go shopping for lights.
  7. Adam55 Well Known Member Member

    Love the shimmer on that light, Matt B. Beautiful tanks you have there.
  8. Matt B Well Known Member Member

    No problem:) I think they do great for what I got them for, they put off a nice gentle light.

    I love that effect of leds, I am slowly changing fixtures over to them as I can afford it. Thank you very much.:)
  9. HappyKnitter Member Member

    I went with the NatGeo 48 inch led

    I went with NatGeo light it was on sale and they did not have the hidden lights I was looking for. I am very happy with this one.
    It has also the moonlight.