Many creepy half shrimp-half centipede things in my shrimp tank


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Your one tank, i would have temporarily removed the shrimp, your established filter media (store in a container of prime water or tank water), taken all of the plants out, thrown them out, drained as much of the water out of the tank as you could, then taken not boiling but very hot water and pour it in the tank. Kill any pest without chemicals thatd affect your shrimp after. Same with inside your filter, just NOT your media. Just the hard plastic tubing and such.

Empty that, refill with some tank water from another cycled tank at least part way, put your filter back with all its established cycled media, replant clean plants and put the shrimp back. A day's work, but itd have saved a lot of your shrimp and killed an infestation.

It may kill any good bacteria in your substrate and any biofilm in the tank, but by saving your media you wouldnt lose the cycle at least.

You could add matured decor from another tank to make up the lack of biofilm to tie the shrimp over until the sanitized tank matures again.

If it were one or two id suggest putting them in a container of water with some bladder snails and let them grow on their own and release them as they mature. Damselflies are great mosquito control.

But thats very hard to do while you have so many threatening your shrimp.
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Oh my god - that’s brilliant and I would’ve / should’ve totally done that! Thanks for the pro move - now I’ll be ready if there’s ever a next time - really great advice!
I ended up just dumping them in my tank of pristrllas and bloodfins. A few are still kickin it! Even some fry! So we’ll see!

Speaking of next times... trying to replace some plants I lost and got this java fern but noticed these orange balls that I’ve never seen before in the wood where they’re rooted?

Definitely not adding them / quarantining first this time but don’t even want to add them to my now new quarantine tank until I know what the heck that is !? Attached pictures.
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