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Hi there,

I am planning to get a 105g Reef Tank in a year or so and am doing some well-needed research before going ahead with the purchase.

My end goal is to keep a Mandarin Fish, after having a well-established tank for at least a year. From the research I have done so far, I know about the risks of keeping them due to needing a sufficient amount of Copepods. However, where I live, the Mandarin Fish are typically bred in captivity and raised on frozen foods and pellets, which is a great starting advantage.

The only questions I have now related to the Mandarin Fish is what corals are they compatible with? I know they are generally reef safe but are not recommended to be placed with anemones due to becoming a potential snack. Additionally, what other fish can I keep, or are best for the Mandarin? I have heard wrasses are not great as they may outcompete for food, however, not sure if this will be relevant due to not using Copepods. While I am aware that Mandarins are pretty docile, I would love a little bit more information from anyone experienced with keeping these in their community tanks. However, I am more interested in the compatible and recommended corals (if any at all, as I have also heard they can also be nippy towards them) so I can begin planning my future tank build.

Thank you!


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A Mandarinfish can be a challenge but with that setup and a sump based system/refugium for breeding pods it would do well once the tank is established. Mandarins are reef safe, I have never heard of a single one having issues with ANY Coral. Wrasses depend on the type of Wrasse, a Fairy or Flasher Wrasse will eat pods (as will any fish), but they don't actively target them the way some Wrasses do (ie Halichoeres, Leopard). Mandarins are very docile and yes they should have peaceful tank inhabitants.

Here would be a good choice for a wrasse for that tank:


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