Male Swordtail Platy Being Aggressive?

  1. lexkim531

    lexkim531 New Member Member

    We have a 39 gallon tank that has a Dalmatian Molly (M), a baby Dalmatian/gold dust mix (F, 2 months old), a sunburst platy (F), a swordtail platy (M) & a Raphael Catfish (F, I think?). The platys seemed really chill and so we decided to get some more platys. We just got male & female Blue Mickey Mouse platys today and since we put them in the tank the swordtail has been chasing the female MM (& sometimes the male also) and totally ignoring the Sunburst female. (He previously mated with her but the only baby we found died) Is this because of the 2 F to 1 M ratio is out of balance? Because the swordtail didn't even chase the sunburst when she was the only female platy in the tank. I'm hoping he stops soon. Any thoughts?
  2. MattS99

    MattS99 Well Known Member Member

    Male livebearers are jerks to eachother, so that explains him picking on the males. I think it is mainly because of your out of whack ratio. I'd actually do 3F to 1M to keep aggression down.
  3. OP

    lexkim531 New Member Member

    It's the female he is after ironically. He hasn't chased the male in a while and it's only when the two MM's are near each other that he chases the male.