Male rosy barb looks sick/injured


Help please!!!
I just got two male rosy barbs to add to my four females. The females are as happy and excited as ever but my males are not so! The smaller male died and when I took him out I noticed he had a few wounds on his sides. These were not here yesterday, but he was acting sad and skiddish.

My larger male is sitting at the back of the tank away from the females, just drifting on the bottom of the tank. He's lost a lot of his color and is definitely not looking good. He also has the same kind of wounds as my other male had.

I don't want to lose my fish but I don't know what to do! Please help!!


What are your water parameters? Also, did you quarantine your new fish before placing them in your main tank? Since it's only the males, they may have been sick when you got them, and could possibly infect your females.
Post pictures if you can of the "wounds" they appear to have.


They both died.. I don't have another tank to quarantine them in though. My females are all acting normal.


Sounds like you may have purchased some sick fish. I am sorry for your loss and I hope that the females remain unscathed. You should consider buying a small tank for quarantine before purchasing more fish. I know it sounds like a hassel, but it helps keep the fish in your main tank healthy.

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