Male Platy to Young or Sterile

Hi, I have a Three platys 1 Male, 2 Females. The male is a red tailed black variatus and totally uninterested in the females, which are Sunburst Wag Platys. He doesn't even chase them or try to mate.

Its is very clear that he is a male. The bigger female had been pregnant and given birth but I'm sure that's just from previous fertilization from the pet store. I never see them mate in fact he usually hides or swims away from the females. His analfin doesn't even twitch when he passes by them. (I have noticed this habit from my male Molly)

Is he too young to mate? or is he sterile?
If you are trying to breed them then it's probably because hes to young.Usually it's more of an accomplishment to prevent platies from breeding.
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I had a male I was convinced was sterile. I had 1 male with 4 females and they never got pregnant, not once.

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