Male or Female powder blue dwarf gourami?


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HI all,

I am just a beginner aquarist of 3 weeks. I've always wanted to keep fish, and my wife recently surprised me with a 10G starter kit for my recent birthday... a gift I think she now deeply regrets as I fully immerse myself in this rewarding hobby.

I have an assortment of live plants and hope to grow a balanced and peaceful community tank. I've been thoroughly entertained with my first addition - 3 Platy's (1 male 2 Female), one female has already birthed some Fry which are still swimming about.

I recently added 3 panda corydora's and what I thought was a Powder Blue male dwarf Gourami. All seem to be enjoying their new home and get along swimmingly...

My tank is still immature (0 Nitrates) - I test water daily since addition of Platy's over 1 week ago using API Master Test Kit.

Water Parameters
78 F
pH 7.0
Ammonia <0.25ppm (not quite the yellow from the API test kit - I read is common)
Nitrites 0
Nitrates 0

I use Prime water conditioner and Quick Start from API. I've experienced the milky "bacterial bloom" and have watched the water turn clear again. Waiting on a sponge to intake to boost my filtration, and I've added biomedia spheres to my stock hang on the back filter.

I am still awaiting for detectable nitrates before adding any more fish. I would like to complete my community tank with a school of either tetras/rasboras/danios

I appreciate any advice as my tank continues to cycle to keep the fish happy and healthy.

I was excited to find this powder blue as my "Centerpiece." If this is a female - would a male dwarf gouramI pair well in the future?




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3 platys, 3 corys, 1 DG is overstocked for 10G. I would look to stabilize the tank and wait for the fish to settle in. Or perhaps get another tank or larger one to redistribute the bio load.

I was going to say that the DG had female like fins, but the shape/coloring of a male. Dont know how a female gourami color looks like. Sorry, not of much help there.

Nice looking tank.

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