Male Or Female Boesemani

  1. BrettMad

    BrettMad New Member Member

    I have a picture below one of my six Boesemani. Let me be the first to admit that a relatively cheap smart phone is probably not the ideal way to take pictures, I must have tried to take 80 or 90 yesterday and today and what I mostly got was blurry fish outlines.

    I am hoping that this photo is clear enough that you can help me identify if it is male or female. I know the two ways to tell her that the males are more colorful and that they have a forehead, and I also know that they are harder to identify when they are juveniles, like this one.

    Any ideas on the sex of this fish or advice on trying to get better photos would be welcome...

  2. m

    mollybabes Well Known Member Member

    I only have younger juveniles so mine don't have that much colour yet, but judging from the body I think it's female. Braveheart looks bigger than that and that one is looking more like my female