Male Honey Gourami Aggressive Toward Female


I recently added a pair of honeys to my 20 gallon high, and immediately noticed that my male established a territory on the left side of the tank. He is in FULL OUT breeding colors (Aka black belly, red-orange body, and yellow dorsal fin, and he is super aggressive with the female. I have never seen them interact peacefully. He seems to have blown a bubble nest in his territory, and if she so much as comes near it, he charges her and attacks. My poor girl is starting to get a couple scars on the side of her body. He leaves the tetras and CPD's alone. Is there a reason he is being so aggressive towards her? I don't even think there are eggs in the nest, becasue he seems to hate her too much to mate with her (unless they did it at night). AND yes, she is definitely a girl. She is extemely drab in color and has a thick brown stripe running across her side. My question is, will they ever get along? Would it help to add another female?

My Stock:
20 Gallon high planted tank
2 Honey Gouramis
5 Black Neon Tetras
4 Glowlight Tetras


They will often be very protective of the nest until it is complete. If he feels it isn't ready he will chase her away, my male sparkling gouramI (different fish but same breeding patterns) does this all the time. This aggression will cease when he is ready to spawn, be prepared though he may again become a terror when there are eggs in the nest.

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