Male guppy with double tail trait


Hello so quite some time ago my aunt gave me her guppies and because she had males and females it resulted in a lot of offspring. I put all the baby guppies in an extra 5 gallon tank I have to grow a bit bigger and stronger and sell them online. So I’ve noticed that one of my male guppies has had a split tail for as long as I can remember and I definitely think it’s genetic. There is nothing in the tank that can cut it‘s tail on and it’s definitely not the filter because it’s a sponge filter. The other baby guppies aren’t nippy at all and no guppies have any bites taken out of its tail whatsoever and it just wouldn’t make sense if it was finrot because there is no black on the tail and because of the shape of the split. The split looks just to perfect to be caused by some kind of disease lol. And the tail is definetly split and not just see trough in the middle because the two ends move separately (it looks really cute). I really hope it’s a trait because I think the tail looks really cool with it looking orange and the guppies body being black. I’ve taken some foto‘s of him in this clear container (don’t worry he was only in there for a few minute) so the foto‘s are hopefully not too blurry. Kind regards Mups.


Adding the guppy expert in case he can comment emeraldking


A sword shaped tail (single or double) is a trait. Wether it's dominant to pass on or not is hard to tell if you don't know the genetic history of this male. He does look a bit like the tuxedo endler (also known as black flame). Just his swords are broader.

Would be better if you would use a small container that's more clear. For I'm really interested in how his chest looks like.
It could also be a mutation. This happens more often than people think. But in such a case, there's just a low number till just a single male that will develop this. Nevertheless, wether this may be dominant or not, the only solution to find out is to breed him. As long as you don't know the genetic history, it's hard to predict the outcome of the offspring.

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