Male guppy plague along with large loss of other guppies???

  1. guppyguy76 Member Member

    Everytime I get new male guppies they seem to die rather quickly. Females that I have had seemed to have come out unscathed. This time I lost both male guppies along (within a week of getting them. seemed to get a white fungus on them) with 2 adult females and numerous young guppies as well. I have 1 lone female guppy left and an albino cory cat. Also I have no substrate or test kit with 2 rooted plants, 2 moss balls and java moss. I have an in tank filter which seems to suck and clog up quick in the cartridge, 10w cfl bulb, and algae on everything except for moss balls and java moss. I do plan on upgrading to a large tank as soon as I can.
  2. echi1 Well Known Member Member

    Hmm.... It does seem you have a fungus problem with your LFS try purchasing guppies somewhere else and let us know what happens. You may need a test kit just to see if it's your tank perimeters that are problematic. Here's a link to some info on fungus species: . What size tank do you have and what size do you plan to upgrade to? Try a bristle nose plecostomus they will eat up the algae quite quickly, but plecos have a high bioload. So don't try one if it's lower than a 10 gallon. You could try snails for your algae, Nerite snails don't eat plants and are very pretty. Good Luck!
  3. guppyguy76 Member Member

    Problem is it doesn't matter where I get the males from...... I am saving up for a 15 gallon tank with a UV Sterilizer. Which should do the trick. I use currently a combination of distilled and spring water.