Male guppy has torn tail - its getting worse.

  1. BlackNotebookTanks Well Known Member Member

    Hello all I have noticed last night that my male guppy 'Egg' had a split in his tail. It was late last night and I did not think it was fin rot.

    However, this morning, there are two other splits in his tail. Egg is currently in an API Aquarium Salt Bath (I cannot dose the tank with salt because of my live plants). I have no idea if this is fin rot or not and i cannot get a clear picture of him. Here are the best pictures I can get of him.


    Seeing as the pictures are not very clear, I drew a diagram of what his tail looks like. I hope this isn't fin rot. I've heard guppies can split their tail by over-flexing it and Egg is the most vigorous of my males.


    Seeing as his tail has deteriorated so quickly I'm very worried. All help is much appreciated. Thanks
  2. TexasDomer Fishlore Legend Member

    I'd start treating him with water changes. Increase water changes to every day or every other day for a few weeks to see if that improves it.

    Could he be tearing it on something?
  3. Koniucha Member Member

    Is he black and white? He looks very pretty.
  4. BlackNotebookTanks Well Known Member Member

    I just did a 40% weekly water change and cleaned everything. I'm going away for two days so hopefully he will be alright. All my plants are real, and my stones are smooth and rounded. I have a sand substrate (with a round planting gravel mixed though it) and some drift wood. I've checked the drift wood and there doesn't seem to be any sharp edges or branches. Hopefully he just flexed and tore it himself (that can happen I know) and its not some sort of disease

    Thank you!You're right his lower body half is black and his head is white with some pink spots either side (it looks like he's always blushing!) He has a platinum veil tail with a small bit of yellow at the base, making his tail look like a fried egg hence the name And his eyes are different colours!
  5. TexasDomer Fishlore Legend Member

    When you get back, I'd start on the frequent water changes (more than weekly). Hopefully he'll recover soon!
  6. BlackNotebookTanks Well Known Member Member

    Will do Domer! Thanks for the advice
  7. SimonDG Member Member

    I believe its normal if she has a big fin the change is bigger it can split but dont worry my guppy's and sailfin pleco have this to sometime the fin of the of my pleco has the same thing sometimes it always grows back closed within a few days :) dont worry it will grow back together :)

    Btw sorry for my bad english
  8. BlackNotebookTanks Well Known Member Member

    I checked on Egg before I left this morning and his tail has almost completely healed the scratch in the middle. Everything else looks good!!
  9. Koniucha Member Member

    Horray! Happy for egg :;toast
  10. BlackNotebookTanks Well Known Member Member

    Quick update, Eggs tail has completely healed! The only thing is that you can see a small scar where the internal tear was in his caudal. He's swimming around normally and eating fine! IMO, I think he just flexed his caudal too hard while trying to impress/harass the females!