Male Guppy fry took 80 days to develop gonopodium


My fry were all looking female until this week. When my guppy males started developing their gonopodiums.
They are growing them fast, so im thinking i either need to seperate them or take them to my lfs for in store credit.

Is this normal for males to take this long to develop their gonopodium?


It really differs from each individual male or even strain when a male will develop a gonopodium. There's no exact age to mention when an analfin of a male turns into a gonopodium. So, I wouldn't worry about it...


I bet he was planning on being a female and at the last moment, changed his mind, and became a male!
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So i did a relook of all of them. And theyre all male now except 2 of them. Which i will be seperating from there.
I now have 7 male guppies, and 1 female thats already heavily pregnant, she had those boys.
I will be donating the female to a fish store tomorrow, to prevent inbreeding.

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