Male Guppies Fighting

Discussion in 'Guppy' started by Cary_guppies, Apr 25, 2017.

  1. Cary_guppiesNew MemberMember

    Hi all! I'm new to keeping guppies and looking for advice on some guppy fighting I have going on.

    Right now I have three male guppies in a 10-gallon tank. They were introduced to the tank a little over a week ago. Two of the guppies get along fine but the third guppy is constantly harassing one of the other guys. I was hoping he'd settle down but after a week with no behavior change I'm not so sure.

    I'm debating between three options:

    1) Give it some more time and see if things improve
    2) Return the jerk guppy and try to find a more docile guy to join the gang
    3) Return the jerk guppy and stick with the two I have


  2. AsterWell Known MemberMember

    Welcome to Fishlore :)

    Are you planning to add more? Having more may spread out the aggression. Otherwise, I would give it another week or so. The aggression may get better once they figure out the pecking order.

    If that doesn't work, I'd rehome the aggressor.

  3. TexasDomerFishlore LegendMember

    Welcome to Fishlore!

    Any of those options are viable. Another to consider may be adding more decor to break the lines of sight - that may reduce bullying.

    Can you take a pic of the fish and the tank?

  4. Cary_guppiesNew MemberMember

    Thanks for the thoughts so far and the welcomes!

    Currently not planning on adding more fish but you never know if another fish will catch our eye haha. Also want to start out slow since I haven't had a fish tank since I was a little kid so the whole family is effectively new to this hobby:)

    I'm sure the tank could use some help in the decor category! I'm not at home now but here's some not great pics from my phone:

  5. TexasDomerFishlore LegendMember

    Cool tank! Maybe add some more tall plants if you wanted to try the decor route.
  6. Cary_guppiesNew MemberMember

    Thanks! I'll swing by the store today and get some more plants to see if that helps. Can you tell a preschooler picked out most of this stuff? haha
  7. Lynn78tooWell Known MemberMember

    I highly suggest getting another one. Are you sure they're being aggressive? I swear my guppies enjoy play time. I have 9 males and it's always the same 4. There's no biting and they've been doing it for months. If you're really against getting another one, see if you can swap one out with another.
  8. Cary_guppiesNew MemberMember

    Hmm it could be playing. I'll try to take a video tonight of what I'm observing to see what you all think. Not opposed to a 4th fish but also trying to be mindful I don't overstock the tank since it's only 10 gallons. Right now we have 3 guppies and 3 Amano shrimp.
  9. TexasDomerFishlore LegendMember

    You can have up to 5 male guppies in a 10 gal, so adding another wouldn't hurt :)
  10. Cary_guppiesNew MemberMember

    Well of course as soon as I turn the phone on they act like everything is cool haha. Around the 10 second mark you can see a little bit of what I'm talking about:

  11. TexasDomerFishlore LegendMember

    Can you take a picture of all of their gonopodium, just to be sure?
  12. Lynn78tooWell Known MemberMember

    I don't know, it doesn't look like they're fighting. They look like a bunch of boys having fun. When they're fighting they're having a face-off and there's nipping at each by their mouths and their fins. These look more like they're playing a game of chase but then again you said they stopped what they were doing right when you got the camera out.
  13. Cary_guppiesNew MemberMember

    I think you all are right because they seem to have calmed down :)

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