Male endler with shrimp soon to have babies

Male Endler guppy will it eat shrimp babies?
Probably. I mean who wouldn’t want a free, easy, delicious snack. Depending on some other variables there is a chance that he won’t eat all of them. Is the endler guppy the only thing in the tank other than the shrimp? Do you have lots of shrimp? Do you have lots of thick planted areas and hiding spots for baby shrimp? If the male endler guppy is the only thing in the tank other than the shrimp, and you have a good amount of plants, you should see some survive. If you don’t have lots of plants and you want the shrimp babies to live, then you need to get some. I don’t know what your setup is or lighting but thick plants with lots of small leaves are the best thing for that. With some low grade plant lighting some easy plants you could get are some kind of Ludwigia or Anarchis. Also some kind of moss would be good too. If you don’t want the shrimp to survive, well a few will probably survive anyways. Watch out for overeating with the guppy. I had a fish get bloated and die from dropsy when I didn’t notice my tank had tiny pest crustaceans and one of my fish feasted on them all day, and ate the pellets. The guppy will eat any baby shrimp he can get though.
From my experience with endlers they eat only a few. They do not hunt down every last shrimp. They are a good species to keep with shrimp. They will never eat all the babies assuming you feed the fish once in a while.
I have seen cherry shrimp gang up on endlers and push them off food. Nobody starved in my tanks.

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