Male breeder cinnamon clown died :(


I have/had a breeding pair of cinnamon clown for a while. They have been doing great and everything. Laying eggs on a regular schedule and stuff. But woke up this morning and found the male dead and now today the female won't eat. My questions are:

-do they grieve??
-is it possible to pair up the female with another male?
-do I just get another clown the same size and put in there and hope she will except him and start breeding again??

Please let me know any suggestions on how to repair her up with another male!!


Welcome to the forum. Sorry it's under sad circumstances. I'm very sorry for your loss.

I don't do "salt" and am unfamiliar with the species. If it was a freshwater kribensis, for example, I would definitely replace the male and see if they would pair up. I know I've seen my dogs grieve when a member of our pack dies, but haven't seen any behavior resembling that with fish.
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Sorry to hear that. Not sure about the grieving part... you never though. You could try getting a smaller juvenile cinnamon clown to form a bond with and maybe they would form a pair eventually.

kim ann

So sorry to hear about the lose, seems we grieve along with our fish.. I would definitely get a small cinnamon clown, as you know how territorial they are. That is all you can really do. Hopefully she comes around soon. I also have the 2 tomato clown fish, she is a lot older, Laying eggs on a regular schedule for a long time. Plz let me know what the outcome is,I am sure I will be facing this situation some day (hopefully later than sooner).

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