Male Bettas

  1. Princethepurplebetta Member Member

    Hello :) i recently adopted 2 male bettas (seperate tanks ofc). One has severe fin rot, 90% of his tailfin is gone. And the other betta i think has a swimbladder issue. Any advice to treat them?
  2. BeanFish Well Known Member Member

    Daily Methylene blue baths/dips for the fin rot and lots of clean water is what I would do. As for the swimbladder, many things can cause it and a few are untreatable. We need to know a bit more about the swim bladder one.
  3. Princethepurplebetta Member Member

    Where would i get the blue baths? And im not sure what caused his swimbladder issue (i got him today) his cup was verrrrry dirty though.
  4. Shadow2331 Member Member

    There are many causes of Swim bladder Disorder like constipation, overfeeding , Injury, Bacterial Infection, Birth defects.
    Can you identify which one is it ? Usually Constipation and overfeeding shares a same symptoms like fat belly.
  5. Princethepurplebetta Member Member

    I think maybe bacterial infection? But im not sure at all. He had it when i got him(i got him a few hours ago). His cup was nasty dirty though
  6. Shadow2331 Member Member

    Then it has a high possibility that the cause is bacterial
  7. Princethepurplebetta Member Member

    Ok, any advice on treatment if it can be treated? Hes in a 5g heated tank at the moment. Ive given him 2 omega one pellets cuz the lady said she only feeds the bettas in the store every 10-14 days.
  8. Shadow2331 Member Member

    First of all make sure that he is in a clean and healthy environment i recommend you check the water parameters check for temperature, ammonia and nitrite/trate in your tank.

    Then look for a possible bacterial infection, Check carefully if u see some white spots on the body, fungus like stuffs, discoloration in certain part of the body etc look for anything that does not look right.
    iF you find any infections in the body of the fish then use appropriate antibiotic only after consulting the fish store owner who is experienced.
  9. Princethepurplebetta Member Member

    Im not sure the levels of the tank, im out of test strips but its abou 78 or 79 degrees on the tanks. And the betta with the bladder issue looks like he has does not have fungus or white spots, his body does go kind of crooked at the base of his tail (where the tail fin meets his body)
  10. BeanFish Well Known Member Member

    Pet stores should carry Methylene blue. There are also other methods like salt but Methylene blue what I would do.

    Swim bladder problems can be caused by bacterial infections, organ failure or simple things like constipation. I think the first two are more likely. Bacterial infection would be the only thing you could treat but I'm not sure what meds you could use.
  11. Shadow2331 Member Member

    If the fish store near you does the water tests you can test your water in the fish store.
    This is because of swim bladder disorder
  12. Princethepurplebetta Member Member

    Ok thank you! Ill try the blue bath first :) ill have to google treatment for the other guy unless someone else comments on this. Thank you for your help!!!

    Ok i think Petsmart does water testing, ill bring a sample in there tomorrow!
  13. Shadow2331 Member Member

    Ok good luck to you, hope all your bettas recover :)
  14. Aquaphobia Fishlore Legend Member

    Be sure to ask for and write down the numbers! Don't just take their word for it that the results are "fine".
  15. Princethepurplebetta Member Member

    Thanks! I hope so too!

    Ok! Ill make sure they write down everything! Thanks
  16. goplecos Well Known Member Member

    All you can do for the fin rot is treat with a liquid or powder that says it cures for fin rot and hope for the best. API is good but I'm not sure which one of their products to use, the package will tell you though.

    for the Swim bladder issue. you can try all the treatments, but in my experience they don't really work. As one of goldfish was nearing the end of its life (18ish) it had a swim bladder issue. what we did is when it went upsidedown every month or so we would pop it in the quarantine tank overnight and feed peas for dinner the next day it would be fine. Eventually we started feeding him peas every week. I don't why but peas help. All you half to do is microwave some frozen green peas de-shell them and crumble the in the tank
  17. Princethepurplebetta Member Member

    Ok thank you! I shall buy all the medication and get some peas! Thanks!
  18. Shadow2331 Member Member

    Pea feeding is mostly used for the swim bladder disorder caused by over feeding and constipation it wont fix the disorder caused by the bacterial infection, For fin rot in my country there is a medicine called fungus capsule + fin rot which is green in color and the powder inside the green color is also green, this medicine was really effective and stopped rot in just 2 uses iam not sure if it is available in your country.
  19. goplecos Well Known Member Member

    I agree with that, but since we don't know what caused the swim bladder disorder it's a good option. And if it doesn't fix the problem it will help until you find a permanent solution
  20. Shadow2331 Member Member

    You can feed peas it wont have any side effects, besides it will clean your bettas digestive system, please go through the following link to see how to properly feed peas to the betta fish.
    How to Feed a Betta Fish Peas