Male Betta Has One White Spot On His Head

Discussion in 'Freshwater Fish Disease' started by Molly Smith, Apr 16, 2018.

  1. Molly Smith

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    Help, my Betta is swimming and acting absolutely normal with no other symptoms apart from his slight constipation in which he's being fasted and fed small amounts of frozen blood worms. He appeared with a small white bump on his head two days ago and it hasn't changed in size or texture, it appears fuzzy.

    He hasn't got any more symptoms but at my local pet shop they told me to treat him for ich but I'm not sure it is that. Does anyone else have any idea? It's on the photo attached but very vague as my camera isn't that good but clearly on his left side of his head.

    Hes kept in a 22ltr tank with a heater and filter, no other fish. I regularly do 50% water changes twice a week and my nirtate levels are 20ppm and nitrite levels are 0ppm with ph 7.

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    Might be a fungal infection or it’s ich. Either way change water 25% stay away from salt it will hurt betta use salt only for 3 minutes and that’s a dip not a bath.