Male and Female Bolivian Rams Fighting

Anyone ever had a male ram and a female ram not get a long and kill the other one?? I mean I have seen a male kill another male before but never have I seen a male kill a female before but today I seen it. Hmm these rams are something else they seem so picky with everything.
I knew it could be bad if they didn't get along, but not that bad...
I've got a big dominant Female Bolivian that bullied a newly introduced male to the point of not eating, hanging high in the plants etc. I waited too long to separate them hoping things would calm down. The male didn't make it.

Gave her a 4 month live alone sentence for that.

I introduced a new male into the tank 4 weeks ago. He's as big and bold as she is. They haven't paired yet and am not sure if they will. Their territory is at separate ends of the tank. They occasionally do Ram stuff and push each other around but I'm not seeing near the level of aggression like before from her. The male is pretty chill but won't let her push him around. Hoping they eventually pair as this go around is going way better than the last time.

Every once in a while I'll catch them chilling together but then they'll go back to their separate ends.

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