Male And Female Betta Living In Same Tank?

  1. EmmyFish

    EmmyFish Valued Member Member

    Can a male and female Betta live happy in the same tank? Would a 5 gallon be okay if yes?
    I really don't mind Breeding at all. I'd actually be happy if they did. I just wanna know if males and females can spark territory issues among themselves like male on male and females do.

    Ps. I am just asking a question because I am curious. I have no intentions on actually doing this.
  2. T

    Tag41 Valued Member Member

    No deffinatly not they will still fight and in 5 gallons it will be a blood bath tbh
  3. FlutterFish

    FlutterFish Well Known Member Member

    No. Your tank is too small for a harem, and harems generally don't work out long-term anyway. Also, if you really want one, you can't go with only one male and one female. You have to go with multiple.

    And breeding is more complicated than that. If you just plop in a female and male and leave them to their own devices, they will kill each other, no doubt. If you're interested in that, however, you could use that 5 gallon and start a new thread.
  4. T

    ThaiCaliber Valued Member Member

    Technically they could but in a 5g it'll end in murder. You'll also need more than 1 female. A betta harem are possible with the right group of females and male betta. They usually work out in bigger tanks which are heavily planted for hiding spots and retreat when being bullied. If you were to try this I would say a minimum of 33 or 40g long tank with heavy planting
  5. Shadow2331

    Shadow2331 Valued Member Member

    Male and Female should be kept together only during the time period for breeding, otherwise you will end up with a casualty for sure.
  6. m

    minervalong Well Known Member Member

    Yes, betta are not like guppies, just throw them together and shortly you have babies lol. Any two bettas will fight, no matter the sex, especially in a small tank. They only come together for the actual breeding after being properly primed. Dad takes care of eggs and new hatchlings without mom, then you have to take dad out when the fry are free swimming. It is a fascinating and fun project but incredibly time consuming and tank consuming. And before you could disperse the fry amongst other fishy folk, you would have to jar them one to a jar, keeping the jars clean and warm just like a tank.