malawi cichlids and KILLI fish

  1. wilfie Initiate Member

    ???I live in TORONTO ONTARIO

    Can any one out there tell me where I can
    get any of these fish in this area
  2. Maida_gc Member Member

    Hey Wilfie, I too live in Toronto. And have looked at a lot of places and HIGHLY reco these two:

    1 - YOU MUST at least make a trip to Big Al's just north of lawrence on Kennedy. It's the biggest most fun fish store you'll ever go to and it's great. Great staff, great fish
    2 - The Menagerie - Great pet store, great fish - the owner is really nice too. It's at 549 Parliment Street.
  3. wilfie Initiate Member

    THANX for the tips

    I'll have to see if can have any luck

    Do you have these fish ???? and what do you have ????

    You can e-mail me if you like
  4. Maida_gc Member Member

    (Just added my tank setup to my sig) So far I have bought different fish from different stores. I will however patron those two stores from here on out. I am however pleased with the 6 Cory Cats I purchsed at Big Als. They are the highlight of my tank, really active and healthy. They swim all over the tank (although mostly bottom obviously). I bought my baby bristlenose at Menagerie, he's cute and doing well thus far - just still to tiny to really do too much work so far. But I'll wait.

    For Chichlids you're better off heading to Big Als - really big selection of everything, but since it's so big your options are greater.
  5. wilfie Initiate Member


    I'll try BIG AL's

    up here in newmarket

    closer to home here in KESWIC ;D ;DK