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  1. Mattfinn Member Member

    So I've begun to notice since installing my diy led system that provides me with mid to low light, that my fish are more comfortable and active when the lights are off. They seem to spend most of their time hiding amongst my hygro.
    Should I consider some floating plants? I have a over the tank filter so I don't know if this is good for floating plants. My lights are a single strip that sits in the middle of the tank about two inches from the surface. It's a tall tank too.

    Feeling fishy
  2. Coradee Moderator Moderator Member

    What fish do you have in the tank? Some do prefer lower lighting so adding some floating pants to give areas of shade might help them feel more comfortable.
  3. Mattfinn Member Member

    2 pearls(about 3" I know they require 30g at the least but they seem happy once the lights go out), 4 cherry barbs, 2 juvenile GBRs.

    I do have some water wisteria floating on the surface I got to much in the bunch and didn't want to plant this one so it just floats around.

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  4. Mattfinn Member Member

    Cherries aren't fazed by the lights only one of the rams and the pearls.

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