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While I was out my boyfriend and I stopped at a garage sale and to our surprise we found a 20 gallon aquarium complete with hood, light, two hob filters, a heater, gravel, a net, air pump & air line, and a large cave decoration for $10. The tank is in good condition other than algae and some hard water stains. I currently have two 10 gallon aquariums and a 4 gallon. I'm looking for information on switching my main 10 gallon to the 20. My questions are:

1) Should I reseal the inside of the aquarium?
2) What is the best method to clean the inside of the aquarium, hood, light, & filter.
3) Is it possible to move the substrate from the 10 gallon into the 20 (substrate being sand).
4) The light in the hood is only a 15 watt halogen bulb. Is there anyway to make it a medium lighted tank without replacing the hood?
5) Should I reuse the filters, use my aqueon quietflow 10, or buy new (on a tight budget).
6) Would it be wise to add eco-complete under the sand?

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first--congrats on the find!

1) I'd put it in the bathtub, fill it up and see if it leaks... if it doesn't then I wouldn't worry about re-sealing
2) I'd do a vinegar and water mix for cleaning. That way you don't have to worry about rinsing it out quite so obsessively as you would with more toxic chemicals. Get a little scraper/razor blade to scrape off the hard water stains. The vinegar will loosen it up too
3) No prob you can move it over... you'll likely need to add more though
4) not sure... but I got florescent bulbs that fit into my regular hoods. They seem to work so far
5) I'd move the filter from the 10 gallon over, and run the two side by side for a couple weeks to transfer the bacteria colony. If the current is too strong with both though, you can just shift the filter media from the smaller filter to the bigger one. I'd clean it out pretty good with the vinegar/water mix first though
6) never used it... don't know
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