Making final adjustments to stocking...

  1. Toxic Dover Member Member

    Hey guys! Now that I'm cycled and have begun to add fish (5 cherry barbs at the moment), I've more or less narrowed down my stocking list for the tank. I'm not entirely sure on the quantities of the fish, however. Also, I would like to get some input as to which order to add the types of fish to the tank. About a week ago, I purchased and added 6 cherry barbs. I came home yesterday to find one of them had passed, so I did a small water change and have been keeping an eye on the levels of everything - it all seems normal. The one that passed usually stayed a bit reserved, so he may have been sick. The rest are healthy and happy, however, and my water parameters are stable. Anyway, take a look at this list and see if the quantities of everybody work out okay and what order they should be added in...

    1 Angel
    2 Bolivian Rams (or possibly German Blues, but they're considerably more difficult to care for from what I hear?)
    6-8 Cherry Barbs
    6-8 Rummy-nose Tetra (or possibly another schooling fish of this size - suggestions here?)
    6-10 Cory Catfish

    Another concern that I'm actually just now thinking about here is do I have too many mid/bottom dwellers in this list?
  2. kinezumi89 Fishlore VIP Member

    When you say you test the water parameters, are you using a liquid test or the strips? I've never used the strips, but I hear they can be very inaccurate. Also, when you say stable, what do you mean? If your tank is cycled, then ammonia/nitrite/nitrate should be 0/0/<40 (though if you've added fish, I'm guessing you know this already).

    I may have missed it somewhere, but did you say how large your tank is? That obviously makes a huge difference! I'm not sure where the "aquarium info" tab is with this new set-up, or if there is one. Oddly enough, your stocking plan is VERY similar to mine, for my 55 gallon (different tetras, substitute barbs with platys). If it is around 55 gallons, I would say you are not overstocked, though I'm definitely far from an expert and would wait to hear more experienced members' advice.

    As for the schooling fish, obviously you can do other varieties of tetra - I'm going for Cardinals/Neons because I think the blue iridescent stripe looks really nice under fluorescent lights. You have to be careful though, because some (such as Congo tetras) get much larger than others).

    I cannot comment on mid-dwellers, as I haven't learned too much about that (I really should) but I don't think you have too many bottom-dwellers at all...depending on which end of the range for cories you're looking at. Also, I'm assuming your tank is 55 gallons (simply because your stocking is so similar to mine) so if it isn't, please disregard the following! For my tank's bottom-dwellers, I'm doing 6 cories, a BN pleco (already own her) and a couple nerites (though they obviously go all over).

    At any rate, members will be able to comment better if they know the size of your tank (though some may already know from previous threads of yours). :)

    EDIT: Ohh I couldn't see the "29 Gallon:" part after clicking on the thread. Well, in that case I would definitely wait for opinions of others, as I've never had one, but in my very inexperienced opinion, it seems a wee bit overstocked. Sorry for wasting your time, if you read this! :(
  3. Lexi03 Well Known Member Member

    In that size tank I think I would stick with the cherry barbs or tetras, not both( this may just be me though.)

    I would do:

    1 angel
    2 (1m/1f) cockatoo cichlids( another dwarf cichlid, hardier than GBRs, smaller than bolivians)
    10 cherry barbs
    7 cories or a clown or BN pleco

    Then maybe a few amano shrimp, a mystery snail, and a nerite snail
  4. Toxic Dover Member Member

    Haha, no problem, it was a very well thought post! It is a 29 gallon, and I'm using the API Master Freshwater test kit, no strips. The readings have been 0, 0, and currently right around 20-30ish on the nitrates.

    Eliminating the tetras and just bumping the number of cherry barbs was an idea I had been tossing around as well, and I just may do that... I think they'd be happy in a school of 10, too... For the short time I've had mine, they seem to be very active and playful fish. I do like cockatoo cichlids as well, very cool looking fish. However, they're pretty hard to find around here (so are rams, but they seem to be more readily available than the cockatoos). But none the less, I will definitely keep an eye out next time I go to the LFS... There's one I'm planning on going to the next Saturday I'm off that's about an hour a way, but their stock is incredible.
  5. Toxic Dover Member Member

    So I'm going on the assumption that I should complete the school of cherry barbs before adding the others? I know that the Angel should go in last because it will be the most agressive of the tank's inhabitants... So, finish off the school of Cherry Barbs, then add the Rams (or Cockatoos, depends on availability around here), then the Cories, and then the Angel? Or should the Cories go in first?
  6. Lexi03 Well Known Member Member

    I would do the barbs, cories, angels then the rams/cockatoos. Most likely the angel would be a juvie, so it wouldn't be as likely to claim a territory right away, my angels only get territoral when they spawn. My bolivans and when I had GBrs and cockatoos tended to be a bit bratty.
  7. LyndaB Fishlore Legend Member

    I would absolutely NOT put rummies in with barbs. Rummies are really shy fish and need to have a quiet, peaceful environment, the opposite of what barbs create. ;)
  8. Toxic Dover Member Member

    Ah, that makes sense about the Angel... I didn't take into account that the territorial aspect of them comes later in life, not so much when they're juveniles. Thanks for the advice! Now I've got a clear path to follow, hahaha.

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  9. Toxic Dover Member Member

    Good to know, thanks. The 5 barbs I have in the tank now still kinda spend most of their time chilling out in a plant when I'm in the room, but the few times I've gone in the room after work or first thing in the morning, they're very active. They seem to love the current coming out of the filter, haha. I've heard that once you bump their school up to 8-10, they lose mostly all of their timidity and become really active. So, I will definitely scratch the Rummies from the list. Thanks!

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  10. Toxic Dover Member Member

    Hey guys. The school of cherry barbs are doing great (10 of them) and the water parameters are looking great. Sometime within the next week or so, I'd like to begin adding the Cory cats. Im thinking either Pandas or Peppered Cories. How should I go about adding them? I'd like to have between 6 and 8 of them when it's all said and done. Should I split it in half, like 3 or 4 now and 3 or 4 later? I doubt throwing them all in at once is a good idea. Thanks guys!

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  11. Lexi03 Well Known Member Member

    I would do them in batches, half and half since you only have 10 small barbs in there, adding them all at once would almost double the bioload on the tank.
  12. Toxic Dover Member Member

    Awesome, that's what I was thinking.

    Next question... I have also been thinking about upside-down catfish as well. If I chose to go that route (it'll be a week before I put anymore fish in the tank), would I need to substitute the Cory cats out? I'm pretty sure there's not enough room for some of each... Since the upside-down catfish get larger, I take it I wouldn't be able to have quite as many, either. Opinions on this?
  13. spdrbob Member Member

    If your still thinking of Rams , the Bolivian Ram is hardy , colorful and the star of my 29g. Very peaceful and quite the personality.