Make a breeder box??

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Two days ago I found a single platy fry in my tank. He/she is doing good but I don't want it to get eaten.(I actually can't believe it's made it this long with 5 other fish in the tank) So anyway I was thinking about making a breeder box to put it in until it gets bigger. The only LFS I have is walmart and they don't have any here. So is there a way to make one using common household products? Lol
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How about a kitchen sieve that is well soaked to get all soap out of it--or a new one. I use baggie clips to hold different things to the side of my aquariums. It's a thought. Or tie it somehow? There shouldn't be any sharp edges on the sieve--even a very large fish net?
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how about taking an unused pair of pantyhose, cut the bottom out of a small plastic container,( rinse it very well) slip it in the pantie hose, think I would try to cut it on top a little at a time to see how the pantyhose will spread apart. enough to put the babbies in..
How does that sound?
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I ussually just take a large fish-net and rest it across the top of the tank so the net is in the water, and the frame and handle are holding it up. I have some juvenile RCS in one right now, actually.
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Jillofalltrades37, would the container float at the top and the pantyhose would hold the fry underwater?
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I did this invention w/ a top and used sting to hang on tank w/ duct tape. Yup, duck tape. You can use a bunge cord or just use the suction cups. Mine didn't have suction cups. It was super easy to make.
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Boy are these people creative--it's a site to behold. Love it!
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Wow! That's awesome!
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I had to really dig to find that one. I'm making a list in Office now so I can remember these threads. LOL That was very creative.
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Here I just tried it out should be able to tell what I did from the pictures, I used a glad 8 cup container, and cut it with the carpet blade on the inside groove so you do not run the pantyhose trying to get the container in. pull pantyhose tight and tie knots in both ends. then I took the carpet knife and started cutting the pantyhose until it made a nice size hole. Check it out...


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So the fry would stay in the container?
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yes in the container, you can cut off the extra hose or use it to hang over the side to clamp to. Hey I just came up with this when I read your question.. lol so I am sure there is room for improvement.
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Lol thanks for the help! I'll probably try that one seeing as it looks easiest.
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Your very welcome. Glad I could help... I was thinking you might want to try it upside down so that bottom sharp end part isn't next to the babies, then cut the slit in the pantyhose on the same side you cut out on the container.
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Okay I'll attempt to try that....haha. Thanks again.
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I have found that potato bags clips work well for holding things in place on the top of tank--small ones might work so you can close the hood. Also big paper clips if you can find plastic types--I've heard you shouldn't put metal in the tank. Taping a long part of the nylon to the side of the tank might work also so that the lid closes.

Have fun!
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can we maybe get a picture of the completed product, if its not to much to ask, I am a bit daft so instructions don't go well but pictures do
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See post #10 for pictures, but like I said after that post, I think it would be better to cut the slit in pantyhose on the same side you cut the container. I would like to know also if you ended up using this and if it is working out.
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I was going to but I didn't have any pantyhose so I put the baby in a 1/2 gallon for now. My brother had his betta in it but moved it to a 1 1/2 gallon so I had the extra tank and decided to use it.
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I think I'm stupid cause I don't understand this really?
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What is it that you don't understand? I cut the bottom out of a plastic container, pushed it inside a leg of a pair of pantyhose, tied off the ends so it was tight, cut off excess hose, start cutting a slit in pantyhose it will open up to a nice circle, will post some more pictures for ya in a few.
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so you don't actually use the tupperware apart from the pieces you cut off??
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I use the plastic container. not the piece I cut out. here are some pictures of it in use.


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that's a bigger tupperware bowl than what you showed in the first picture hey?? Thanx so much I really appreciate the help. I have Breeder box but the fry keep escaping and am fed up of losing fry. How does the tupperware stay a float?
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No that's the same one. its in a 20 g tank. it stays afloat by the pantyhose being clamped on one side and the other side I just put it under the lid that goes on top of the aquarium. that's what I took pictures up close on the top part you can see I have it clamped to the heater cord. and its one of those glad plastic bowls that you can buy in the stores. Tupperware would probably be a lot thicker and harder to cut. Glad I could help.
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Nice job! might have to make myself one at some point, just in case I need a breeder net a.s.a.p.
Thanks for the pics and directions, too!
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Thank you Gemstonepony!

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