MAJOR fin rot issues, close to body!!

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Deuce had what was a very mild case of fin rot treated with Kordon Rid-Fungus + anti-bacterial foods EXPLODE, literally, overnight, into what looks like disastrous fin rot. His bottom fin looks very stringy, up to maybe 1/4th of an inch from his body (which was nowhere near the case last night). I assume this part is fin rot, it is running right up through the "ribs" of his fin, looks like three or four of them, but it does not look like anything other that fin is being bothered in that fin has fin there a chance this part isn't fin rot? But his back fin clearly got much worse last night, it's the part nearing his body that has me really freaking out, I'm just really hoping it could be something else. But deep down inside, I know that's probably not the case. The tank went through a mini-cycle because of a move, but it is fine as of last night. The thing is, he is swimming around like normal, full color, making bubbles, etc....he doesn't appear to be stressed out or anything. Lord knows I am though. He's been getting vitamins, fish protector, garlic guard, clean water.....what else can I possibly too, I feel so helpless right now
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He also has small slits towards the top of his fins in at least two places as well......what can I do to help him?!?!?
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When Sky changed over night with severe finrot I found a treatment from Sera products. Baktopur. It REALLY helped. He still looks dreadfully scruffy but the rot halted. I don't know if you can get it. I will look.
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Try this. Not sure if I can send you some through the post!
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Nothing near here, but thanks a lot for the link!

What I think I'll do is start adding triple sulfa for a few days along with the Rid-Fungus. The Rid-Fungus says the dosage can be doubled, so I'll probably go that route. And, of course, continue with water changes, fish protector, vitamins, etc. His fin rot hasn't got any worse in the last 5 hours *knock on wood*
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The very best treatment I know of is still, Rid Fungus, Triple Sulfa, and VitaChem used in conjunction with Fish Protector if you can get them all and making sure they are in the cleanest of conditions possible. I even have used total Spring water (bottled) in the tank before adding the meds to make sure the water parameters were as perfect as possible in the hospital tank. If this is not possible just use the cleanest water possible and do a good big water change before medicating and remove all carbon from the filter and use all the above meds and vitamin preparations. Then just do all you can to follow the directions on the meds and such and hope for the rot to halt. Don't expect the regeneration to begin for a couple of weeks though. That takes a bit of time to happen.

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Hey Rose, that is exactly what I am doing....thanks for the confirmation, always nice to hear that I'm doing the right thing

He still looks the same, not worse (yay), but this is the worst fin rot any of my bettas have ever had....poor guy looks like he could pass for a crown tail
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hugs for deuce!!!! I hope he gets better soon!!
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Poor little guy...It's so hard seeing our finbabies in discomfort....I hope he feels better real soon
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good to hear you are on the right track. Rose certainly puts our mind at ease hey!!!
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The treatment that Rose recommended is what we'd recommend too. We've had a Betta come back from finrot that was all through all the fins using that treatment plan. Best of luck and hope to hear of improvement soon.
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I hope he gets better soon. Let us know how he's doing!
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I'm sure he will be ok. I am sure you have read some of my panic posts over the last few years, I know you helped Laure-anne too. The Sera range seems to be fab. Their fishtamin product is truly worth buying, a great product. I would be happy to send you some
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Thanks for all the well wishes and advice. Seems like I'm medicating him by the book, but he has yet to show any response. A couple places look better, a couple look worse, and right now he could probably pass as a crown tail. Someone please tell me that sometimes veil tails randomly turn into one, ok

Seriously though, this really sucks, but hopefully patience and loving care will pay off in the end
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your doing all you can hes gotta fight!! I hope he does well !!!!
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Theory: Deuce doesn't have fin rot, but what is actually happening is he is spending too much time near his new air stone and it was up to high to begin with? Could this explain why his fins are only apart in between the "ribs" of his fins and not the heartier part of them?

I have lowered it since I thought of that, but is there even a remote chance that could be the case? He has been around it quite a bit........

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It is possible, but I'd have to see a pic to even guess on that really. I've rarely seen the antibiotics have much effect the first day or 2, so I wouldn't be discouraged by that.
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Things are going SO much better now. His fins are still pretty ragged, but they are growing back and receding from near his body. Been using fish protector, vita chem, triple sulfa, and double doses of rid fungus. I was so worried about him, thank goodness things are looking up *knock on wood*
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Glad to hear he is doing better =)) It always feels good when you can actually see that things are getting better.
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Great to hear that he's improving. ;D

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