Magnolia leaves, leaf litter, etc for sale

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I have magnolia leaves for sale, 2 for $1.00 or 12 for $5.00. They're thick leaves that break down fairly quickly.


Sweetgum balls are the same price. They're great for shrimp tanks, providing a tremendous amount of surface area for biofilm. They break down slowly.


I also have leaf litter, which will be a mixture of magnolia, sycamore, and oak leaves, for $3.00 for a quart Ziploc bag or $10.00 for a gallon bag. I can also make these all one leaf type if you prefer (if you want magnolia leaves there will likely be some pieces instead of all whole leaves).

I live in a rural area, well away from the highway, and all leaves are collected near my house. I advise rinsing them before placing in your tank, but it probably isn't necessary. If you're concerned about hitchhikers you can boil them (which will also remove some of the tannins) or bake them, but I never have. All leaves are dry, and harvested after they've fallen.

Minimum order is $10.00, and shipping is $8.00. If it turns out I can ship for significantly less I'll refund the difference. Payment is through PayPal. Private message me if you're interested, but feel free to post questions in a reply here.
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