Madtoms Have Disappeared

  1. theroys88 Initiate Member

    Started a new tank about 3 weeks ago after cycling for a month. API testing every week and numbers are perfect. Have had two brown Madtoms for about two weeks and for life of me I cannot find them anymore. I saw one under a piece of driftwood while cleaning but have not seen a hair of them since. Is this normal for this species. I did read they like to hide. Any help would be appreciated
  2. California L33 Well Known Member Member

    I've never had a madtom, but many catfish like to hide, sometimes even under substrate. I'm guessing both are still in there. Put some sinking food in there and see if it's gone in the morning.
  3. theroys88 Initiate Member

    thanks. Will do. Also I received a few Orangespotted Sunfish which I had researched that they are not as aggressive as some of the other sunfish. I have two Bluespotted Sunfish and three Blackbanded Sunfish. After 24 hours, it was apparent that they are somewhat aggressive but I did not see them actually attacking any fish. Each morning I have found a dead Blackbanded Sunfish with trauma to each ones fins. I have one left and his upper fins are gone and it is obvious trauma. This appears to be happening at night. They have not bothered my Mollies, Flagfish, Daces or Darters. Anyone know why they would attack only the Blackbanded Sunfish? I am debating whether to remove them and deposit them into the local lake or keep them. They have great coloring and are quite lively but the dynamics of a somewhat peaceful tank have changed dramatically since their arrival.
  4. theroys88 Initiate Member

    Saw one this morning so you are right.
  5. theroys88 Initiate Member

    Both Madtoms are coming out during feeding time. they can hide well. Guess they were getting hungry.
  6. chromedome52 Fishlore VIP Member

    Other sunfish would be considered conspecifics, fish with the same shape and structure. Usually color plays a part in that, but not always. They may go after the other species once the black banded are all gone.

    Whatever you do, do not release them into the wild. There is a risk of bringing disease from the aquarium, even if they are native to your area. They have a fairly limited range in the Midwest. Even if you caught them from that very lake, it would be hazardous to put them back once they've been in an aquarium.