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Discussion in 'Forum Games' started by Adrian Burke, Jun 12, 2018.

  1. Adrian Burke

    Adrian Burke Valued Member Member

    Make up a fish that doesn’t exist. It can be a variant of another kind of fish, or a completely new type. I’ll start!

    Violet gourami
    Similar to a honey gourami, but with a deep violet hue, also similar in size to a dwarf gourami

    Byzantine catfish
    Black and white spots, long sharp fins, males have red tails.
    Non aggressive
    Schools in groups of 5-10
    Grows up to 8 inches
    Originates in the Middle East
  2. Fanatic

    Fanatic Fishlore VIP Member

    Legfish, it’s a cross between a plecostomus with human legs.
    It can run 60MPH and it lives in muddy ponds in South Africa.
  3. Goldiemom

    Goldiemom Well Known Member Member

    Asian Mini Comet Goldfish. Only grows to 1” and eats once a week. Bio-load very light. Very hard to find as everyone is buying them up for their 10G tanks.

  4. 2211Nighthawk

    2211Nighthawk Fishlore VIP Member

    I'd get one!!
  5. OP
    Adrian Burke

    Adrian Burke Valued Member Member

    Dyson pleco
    Has the strongest suction created by any underwater animal it’s size. It sucks up anything on the ground and can expel sand through it’s gills. It is able to pass large chunks of gravel due to its large digestive track and fast metabolism.

    Ribbontail betta
    Has a thin, ribbonlike tail that can be as long as it’s body.
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  6. Gala

    Gala Well Known Member Member

    Mood changing betta- color changes as the mood changes. Simple enough. Comes with a color chart.
  7. OP
    Adrian Burke

    Adrian Burke Valued Member Member

    Basically GloFish but they did it with a betta
    also GloDiscus and GloArowana

    Also a shark with a lazer on its head
  8. OP
    Adrian Burke

    Adrian Burke Valued Member Member

    Melon guppy- a strain of dumbo ear guppy that has a red and green tail with blue spots. It's body is blue and green.

    White flag rasboras- a species of rasbora with a long, ribbon-like white tail and a red spot around its eye.

    Goliath Hunter Molly- a black and green predatory molly that lives in saltwater and can grow up to 10 inches.

    That's all for me, i'm about to board a 5-hour flight across the pacific.
  9. Esimm03

    Esimm03 Well Known Member Member

    Dog haired fish, a fish similar to a dogface puffer but has hair like a real dog, its like an axelotl

  10. Simply Fish

    Simply Fish Valued Member Member

    Oooh! Can you pet it?

    Chameleon Pleco- Changes colors depending on what's around it.
  11. Esimm03

    Esimm03 Well Known Member Member

    It would have similar characteristics to a flowerhorn, so very friendly.... Yes you could pet it

    I like the chameleon pleco
  12. OP
    Adrian Burke

    Adrian Burke Valued Member Member

    Jaguar corydoras- a corydoras with a jaguar coat
  13. OP
    Adrian Burke

    Adrian Burke Valued Member Member

    Red winged pleco- a white pleco with pink and red fins
  14. aBettaNamedRoy

    aBettaNamedRoy Valued Member Member

    Woolly Puffer :
    A puffer with a woolly golden fleece. They are fist sized and live in fresh water, but are also equipt with a labyrinth organ. Their fleecy wool depleats their need for a slime coat, and they can stay out of water. Spiny fins allow them to walk. These semiaquatic fishes can be sheared of their golden fleece and it can be used to create warm, waterproof swimwear! They eat only baby carrots and crickets, and are similar to a dog with their owners (they come when called).

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