Lying Flashlight

  1. VanillaSpoon_ Initiate Member

    I have a Betta and I recently checked it for velvet with a flashlight. It had what looked like velvet to me but it was in very uniform straight lines and only one certain scales. So I started treatment for velvet and I have been treating probably for 2 weeks by now. Just 5 minutes ago I checked him again but this time with a different flashlight. There was no evidence of velvet whatsoever. So I checked with the original flashlight I used and of course there was the gold on his scales. I compared the flashlights and realized that the one I had been using had a sort of a yellowish lens over it. Since the velvet seemed super exact and only on certain scales in straight lines, could it have just been from the weird flashlight? Should I stop or keep doing meds just in case?
  2. Mary765 Well Known Member Member

    If it's on certain scales in a uniform pattern (aka lines) then it's just their colouring!!! Please stop the velvet treatment, and attach a picture if you would like!

    Please come to us before starting any medical treatments or if you aren't sure of anything :) we are happy to help

  3. VanillaSpoon_ Initiate Member

    ok thank you so much! I will stop the treatment thank you for telling me!
  4. Mary765 Well Known Member Member

    You're welcome!

    Feel free to post another thread any time you have another issue you aren't sure about! :)

  5. VanillaSpoon_ Initiate Member

    Sorry I don’t know if you’ll respond but I just wanted to describe what the gold looks like on my fish just in case. The gold is we’re his body ends and his tail and fins begin. It’s in a straight line all on the border and then it kinda fades out over the tail. And I only see this when I shine a flashlight. And also it’s stayed the same the whole time I’ve had him and hasn’t spread. I stopped the medicine yesterday.
  6. Mary765 Well Known Member Member

    Sounds perfectly good!!!
  7. VanillaSpoon_ Initiate Member

    Ok thank you so much I appreciate it!