Lump On Platy Help

  1. J

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    platy has lump on its tail seems fine in its self anything to worry about? Tank 125 litre have 8 plattys 2 bottlenose plecos 8 black skirt tetras and 5 male guppys

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  2. Coradee

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    Welcome to Fishlore hope you get some responses today
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    Hi. Welcome to fishlore!
    My hubby says it looks like either a tumor or a cyst. If it’s a cyst, it will either clear up on its own or eventually drain. If it starts draining, you’ll have to take some steps to prevent infection. First step is keeping your water clean. Always. And don’t overfeed. If it does drain, swab the area with 3% hydrogen peroxide getting as much liquid out as you can.
    Tumor. Nothing you can do. If it gets too big for him to swim, a vet could remove it.
    Now. If it starts getting more lumps all over, jump in and let us know? Keep us posted either way ok?