Lucy's Tanks

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Thanks. Poor thing didn't have a chance.
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Have your frogs grown 3 times bigger since you first posted a picture on this thread? They look huge compared to your first pic!

You have some great tanks here, Lucy. Wonderful set-ups! Like almost everyone who's posted here already said, that 10 gallon looks way bigger than 10 gallons. Wonderful job!
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lol, they've grown but they're still small.

I'm glad you like the tanks, thank you.
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HI Lucy
All your tanks look great and like everybody has already pointed out that sure doesn't look like a 10 gallon. If you didn't put how big it was up I would think it was a 20 gallon or so. I also love your little frogs as well they are really cute.
How big do they get? I know the albino ones get pretty big I think if I remember correctly.
Shadow Sichlid
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I really like your tanks. I hope to get a picture of my tanks on the forums
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Great Tank Lucy.

From Matt
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nice tanks

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Wow Lucy,
those tanks are beautiful! How's your betta enjoying its home? I bet you she(?) loves it! Beautiful tetra tank! Like everyone has said how amazingly large it looks...

~ Ali
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Thank you!

Cami is really enjoying and swimming all over. I want to redecorate the tank a bit then I'll add a pic of the whole thing.
Chase J
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Wow lucy that is very prettiful lol no joke it is it looks MUCH BIGGER than a ten gallon though! I personally like the natural look (the purple gravel isn't natural looking) I mean no offense at all it really is pretty though
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It's blue, but thanks, to each his or her own.
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Side note...How how are your frogs Lucy??..Still spawning??
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Looks nice!
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Side note...How how are your frogs Lucy??..Still spawning??
They're doing great.
They spawn all the time There's eggs in the tank now, I tried to get some out, but I they're too sticky.
I managed to get a few into an extra 5g, but there's ghost shrimp in there. I don't know if they'll bother the few eggs or not.
I lost the last bunch of tadpoles.

Here's a cool pic of how the male holds the female. She was trying to find blood worms. He had other ideas.

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That is hilarious!!!..It looks like he was hanging on for dear life Too funny..Gonna have to show that to
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;D You can always add ADF's to your collection. lol

Some of you know I've had an empty 30 gallon for a while. I finally got it up and running.
Set up, waiting for gravel

I added pea gravel, a few plants, heater and filter

I was at the store and this little guy was in a tank with serpaes. They weren't being nice to him so he came home with me.

Handsome Dwarf Gourami

I put the pots so my DG could have someplace to hide. He prefers to rest under the leaves of the plant on the left.

I bought the set up used. The filter didn't have an attachment for the intake tube. I had to use filter media and a rubber band. Once I get my drift wood and a few more plants it won't be noticeable

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The tank looks great Lucy Do you know what you are going to stock in there besides your gourami? I really like the background! I don't usually go for printed backgrounds, but I really love how natural yours looks.

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Love the tank Lucy!!!
Did you get your plants at a dollar store? I swear I have the same one as you, the one on the left, lol.
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Thanks I like solid backgrounds too. This one came with the tank. It's got kind of a 3-D effect.

I want a school of tetras and probably a few cories. I hadn't planned on getting the dg first but if you look at his tail, you can see the serpaes were picking at him.

Yeah, went cheapo on the plants, I like them. I used pea gravel...less than 3 bucks for 50lbs. Talk about economic aquascaping! lol
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Looks Good Lucy!
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Awww poor little guy I'm glad you took him home with you. Sounds like a nice group of fish Rummynoses with some panda cories would look really cool.
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I love the new(ish) 30!!!
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Looks GREAT Lucy!
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HI Lucy,
what fun to have another tank ready to go ....
I like the natural look in the tank, and I also use pea gravel but bought at the LFS and it was expensive! I should have looked at buying from a garden center! I can't believe you bought it so cheaply, good for you.
Have fun with the new tank... and new inhabitants..
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Thank you everyone
The pea gravel was really dirty. A few rinsings and a quick boil took care of it. It's a work in progress, but so far so good!
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HI Lucy!

Just wanted to stop by here and take a peek. Great tank! I love how you did it, looks really nice. LOVE the pots in there it gives some color. Just the right amount too. And your Gourmai, he's gorgous!
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Thanks! My husband named the DG.
He's now officially Rommy the Dwarf Gourami. lol

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lol That fits him. Love how it rhymes. lol
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Nice job on the 30 gallon Lucy! I usually like a solid BG too but that one does look like 3d or something. I like it. Rommy is a very beautiful DG. I love the DG. ;D
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What a beautiful tank! I wish I had one like that.
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I ran into these Lyre-Tail Guppies and had to have them. There's 5 of them and they're so active, each one is unique.
They're in quarantine but will reside in the 30 gallon with Rommy the Gourami.
Please excuse the water spots
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I've seen those before, they are so gorgeous! I'm glad you finally got your gups!
My guppy Sprinkles' (named by my sis ) body looked just like them but his tail was different.
I think you'll enjoy them alot. They're fun!
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I have never seen those before. They kind of look like my guppy which is a feeder guppy I saved the little guy. Except his tail does not look like theres. They are very nice. ;D
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Awesome guppies!
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I like them ..Very pretty...I've never seen any like that around here..Good find. They look happy and healthy..Good luck with QT.
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wowsers ..they are awesome!! move over rommy, you got's some new buddies in the hood!
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Thanks everyone, I can't wait to get them to the bigger tank!

As of yesterday Rommy the Gourami has the company of 4 of the Lyre Tail Guppies in the 30g.
One is still in quarantine recovering from a case of Fin Rot and possible parasites.
He's acting and eating fine, but I'm gonna let him heal for a while.

It's not surprising he had gotten sick. I broke a cardinal rule by buying him from a tank full of dead fish. He was the only Lyre Tail, I felt bad for him.

Anyway, Rommy handled the addition like a trooper and the guppies appreciate having more room.
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Awww...Lucy, sometimes rules are worth breaking. It sounds like you saved this guy from certain death. I'm betting he doesn't care that he's in QT..Sounds like his old home was WAY worse. I bet Rommy was a little excited about having some new
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Your tanks are so beautiful with color and plants combo. How many frogs are you going to have in 5 gallon and a fish with them??
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Thank you.

I'm not adding fish or any more frogs to the the 5 gallon minI bow. 2 ADF's fully stock that size tank.
There's never been fish in with them.

I'm using a different 5 gallon minI bow as a q tank for now. It had the 5 guppies in it for 2 weeks, 4 have been moved to the 30g. I'd never allow 5 gups to live in such small quarters permanently.

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